What are the chances Everest will be open?


RowdyRaider - where are you. Is there any way to tell if Everest will be open when we’re there March 1 to 8 - or is it just luck?


(In Scooby Doo Voice) I’m right rover rere!!! LOL

The ride still does not officially open until April 7th. But the soft openings are another story. They’ve been advertising and pushing that ride very hard lately. There’s AN EXTREMELY GOOD CHANCE it’ll be open almost every day that week. It’s actually more luck if it’s NOT open. Remember, it’s not advertised as being open, so you’ll just have to go over and ask. Enjoy the ride as so many of us have.


Oh llama…I hope you get to ride EE!!!

Rowdy…LOL…Scooby! :tongue:


Ranks, Rowdy! lol. I think we’ll try every day - I really, really, really want to ride it! Sounds like we’ll have a good chance! Rippee!!


I really hope you get to ride EE! It is SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME! We got to ride it twice on Mon. Feb. 6. Once the wait time was 10 minutes and the other time we had fastpasses and walked straight on!! :tongue: We went back to ride again on our last day, Thurs. Feb. 9, and it was not running. I was soooo bummed… :sad: We got fastpasses anyway, just in case it opened before we left. No such luck. Now I have an EE fastpass for the scrapbook! :dry:


Im hoping its open during our stay from March 31 to April 7th. The DW and I were there when it was under construction and our DS asked so many times why they were building a mountain!!! Please Please Please be open!!!


Llama, I got to ride EE 3 times on the second day of our trip!!! I rode the front car twice and the back car once. Unlike most coasters, the BACK row on EE is a much cooler ride.

It was closed the next time we went back to AK on our trip. I noted signs both day near the entrance telling the status of EE. Also, ask multiple CM’s. The first woman I talked to said it was closed. She was wrong.


The Everest website is reporting it’s open for sneak peaks until the official opening in April. You should be able to get a ride.

It’s a needed addition to AK.


Crossing fingers you and your DD get to go on. :heart: Then you have to come home and report to me every detail over and over again until you are sick of talking about it…lol


i hope i can ride everest opening day on April 7, 2006.:mickey:


I went this morning!!! We FPed it for another ride too… you can go at least twice a day!!!


what is the URL for that??? thanks


I just returned from Disney last Friday, Everest was open most everyday, but tends to close be 2. Your resort will tell you.