What are the chances I could rent from Disney?


How easy is it for someone to rent a place at DVC through Disney??? We have 6 people probably going next summer, and I was just curious how hard that was to do… I know that I can rent points through someone, but that makes me nervous… I don’t want to screw this up… Is it hard???


Oh I am interested to read all the advice/answers on this one :smile:


I don’t think it’s difficult, especially if you are a bit flexible with dates or the resort.

When a member trades out of DVC the room goes to CRO to pay for the trade, those rooms can only be booked on cash, not points. Members are always trading out so there should be rooms available.


I may have to call Disney… there are 6 people going… Us and the grandparents… Last year we had 2 rooms which was fine, but this year I thought that I would try something different…


Disney Teacher, (or anyone with the answer)… if people get a reservation and then move to another resort (say move from WL DVC to BTL), does the room then go to CRO? It seems like you would have a lot to get dumped that way if that is the case… Just trying to figure this out the hard way- thanks!


No, only if a member trades out of DVC.


But isn’t it less expensive to make a deal with a DVC owner rather than paying rack rate with Disney.

Forgive me hanwill, for chiming in. I am glad you raised the question :smile:


Yes, it’s cheaper to rent points but there’s a certain amount of risk involved.


You can book DVC rooms just like regular rooms right at disneyworld.com, can’t you? I’ve played around with reservations (for trips I can’t ever take!) and that option is always there. Am I missing something?


No, you’re not missing anything :laugh: There is some availability for DVC villas in general booking when a member trades in their time. But paying WDW for the villa is usually much more expensive than renting points from a member.


http://www.wyndham-vacations.com/ You can call and get rates. They are priced decently.


Just to add my two cents, there are people at MB that rent points that I would trust in a heartbeat. Time to time, I see posts where people who just joined are renting points, run from those posts. They might be honest, they might be cheap, but I wouldn’t take the chance.

I don’t know the makeup of your group, but a two bedroom villa is a really good size. Most likely it would be two “real” beds and two sofa beds, but there are some set ups where there are 3 beds and one sofa bed. I think it’s just nice to have every one together, but still in a space big enough so you can still breath.

Don’t know when you were planning on going exactly, but knowing what disney charges for a 2 bedroom and what it would cost to rent, the difference would be roughly 1500 to 1800 dollars. The one difference from renting from disney or points is, from disney you get daily housekeeping. With points, you are mostly on your own.


I would say rent from a MBer if you can. I have had only great experiences renting. You will save yourself a TON of $ and can still add the dining plan if you want.


Like it has been said, there are limited units available for rent through DVC. and you will pay a TON more to book through WDW. Rack rate plus 12% tax. For example the “From” price for a studio is $225 which is $252 after taxes. You can rent points for the same studio generally $80-100 per night.

There is some risk involved, but really very little, especially if you pay by credit card. You will get a written reservation in your name in about 7-10 days. If you don’t get the reservation, you can have your credit card company challenge the charge and the renter has to prove that they have delivered the reservation as promised. If they don’t you get your money back.

Renting points is REALLY easy. You just have to find a member with points to rent. There are plenty of DVC members who rent point here Trade/Rental requests - MouseBuzz.com and on other boards. MouseOwners.com - The Web’s Most Friendly and Reliable Source for Information on the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is another good place to look.

The main thing you have to remember is that you are renting a timeshare unit, and that if you cancel it’s different that canceling a room. DVC members have Points which are really nothing more than a percentage of use in a timeshare, instead of a fixed annual week like most timeshares. We have a certain number of points which we get to use each year, and generally, they have to be used or lost. So if you rent a weeks worth of points, and your trip is just before the end of our year, then cancel we lose the points. That’s why many rentals are not refundable. Some renters offer or include insurance which allows some type of protection - know that the terms are BEFORE you rent.

Almost all rentals are legit. Some are easier to deal with than others I’m sure. But if you stick with renting from members that are established on a board (check their post count/joined date) then you are pretty safe. If they were sticking it to people you’d know about it - they’d be trashed. I know some people have used Crags List but there is no way to check renters out.

Go for it. You’ll have a geat experience staying deluxe at a bargin price. You might even find you like it so much that you decide to become a member too. Over half of my referrals to DVC that joined rented points first!


Be sure and read the What Do I Need to Know to “Rent Points” from a DVC Member? thread.


Thanks for the help… we are still contemplating the idea. I have not brought this up to the family yet because I want all of the facts so that I can explain exactly what is happening. I would trust everyone on here to rent from, but that is about it!

My mom wants to stay at the Poly- which is where we stayed last year. We had 2 adjoining rooms, which were great…but we might be able to see something different this year… So far the makeup of our group almost requires 4 beds (for 6 people)… We have weird sleeping arrangements.
Also, we might add another part of our extended family to go with us- they have never been, and we want them to experience it first class. They deserve it. Thanks for the tips. I will start checking around.


Grand villa (expensive) has 3 bedrooms (king master w/private bath, 2 bedrooms with 2 queens w/bath each & a sofa bed) sleeps 12 living, dining room. 2 bedroom has king and bedroom with 2 queens and sofa bed, LF & kitchen. One bedroom has king, lr w/sofa bed & 1 bath. Studios have 1 queen, sofa bed, bath and kitchette.

Two studios would be most comparable to hotel rooms. Studio mid summer rates for next year generally 96 (AKV value) to 183 (BLT MK view) so for 2 studios you’d be looking at 192 to 376 points or about $1920 - $4888. ($137 - $349 per night/room)

Poly room only rate same week…$9540 for 2 theme park view rooms ($682 per night/room)
BLT …$8032 for 2 MK view studios ($574 per night/room)

These prices are lodging only. They may be offering deals next summer but these are prices from the WDW website.


As far as renting from an long-time MB’r - not only are we honest - we’re really good-looking and have exquisite taste, too.:closedeye:laugh:


Just for some numbers…2 - 2 bedroom villas for the week of june13 -20 that way you have plenty of room for extra family

disney price BLT, cost may be different for another resort … 13,700

disney price for 3 rooms at poly… 11,400

Dvc points 772 (needed for LV) X 13 dollars (I put the price a bit high) a point…10,000 (but that is a lot of points, may need to rent from several people)

Plus remember with the villas you have washer/dryers and full kitchens. Not that you have to cook, but it’s great for leftovers. :happy:


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