What are the DL must-dos?


We are heading out to DL next June, but it’s been 10 years since DH and I were there. Now, we have DD6 and twins DD3 and DS3 to bring along.

What are some of the “must-do” attractions?

Recommendations for restaurants?

What all does DTD at DL have? Anything compared to WDW?

Thanks for all the hints!


[QUOTE=b1wife;1004623]We are heading out to DL next June, but it’s been 10 years since DH and I were there. Now, we have DD6 and twins DD3 and DS3 to bring along.

What are some of the “must-do” attractions?

Recommendations for restaurants?

What all does DTD at DL have? Anything compared to WDW?

Thanks for all the hints![/QUOTE]

Must do can be an extensive list!

The Matterhorn and Pinnochio are the two that aren’t in WDW that you should definately go on. Though I don’t think the twins are old enough for the Matterhorn ride.

Since you were there, they have built Downtown Disney and California Adventure. Both have neat places to go to.

I will be there next weekend. I can check out anything in particular you want to know…


Must Ride Matterhorn Bobsleds, Alice In Wonderland in Fantasyland and Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Along with Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybookland Canal Boats (All Fantasyland Attractions WDW Doesnt have), definitely do CA Screamin’ if youd like in DCA, Along with Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Monsters Inc, Be sure to see all of the Fabulous Parades and Fireworks, some of the best! DLR’s DTD is very nice, much more "garden-ey"feeling, has some great restaurants and shops, will be sure to please! DCA will be a lot more finished by the time you go, be sure to see “Disney’s World of Color” playing in DCA, it starts next spring, be sure to ride DLRs POTC, ours is different from WDWs as Im sure you know, Space Mountain Rocks, Disneyland has grown A-LOT since you last saw it, so there will be lots and plenty to do! You will have fun, I promise!


Fantasmic is another must do!!! As far as food… For breakfeast I highly reccomend Goofy’s Kitchen. It is not exactly inside the park, it is inside the hotel, but it can be accessed through Downtown Disney.


Officially made the reservations this morning - June 16-23, 2010 We are super excited! Thanks for all the information so far. Anyone else have their favorites???


There’s an Italian restaurant in DCA that I LOVE…but of course, I can’t remember the name of it, now. Nice wine list…and WONDERFUL pasta dishes.
Have fun!


Aladdin the musical is a really good show in DCA. Good “Starbucks” style coffee can be found in Compass books in DTD.

Goofy’s Kitchen is a must if you have children or, maybe, even if you don’t. I can tell you this. Long after my DD is grown up I will still go there for the bread pudding.

Seven days is a long time for DL. You could plan a day trip to Knotts berry Farm. It’s only 15 mins. away and is a pretty cool amusement park. There are also many other sites to see in L.A.

Nemo is different than in WDW. CA screamin is fun. Also, TSM is the same but u still have to do it. No FP so the line stay’s pretty steady. Compared to the TSM lines in HS, the ones in DCA are tame.

What hotel are u in?


DLR is different than WDW …restaurants galore…but not in the same vein as WDW…my suggestion is go to mousesavers.com look up info on DLR …and that is a great source of all things disney…some of our favorites are blue bayou…in the kingdom and auriel grotto in DCA …go to web site for info …on that but the kiddy rdies are great …matterhorn especially at night ,DLR’S space mopuntain …and DCA’s california screamin …are you staying at a disney hotel …???


I just went with a 6y/o & a 3y/o. I have my favorite spots that i torqued for having the little ones along in order.

  1. Nemo’s sub ride : A must if they saw the movie and that was longest line in the park 30 minutes after it opened and it just got longer and longer so its best to hit it first.
  2. Autotopia : Its right next to Nemo’s (there is a height restriction and our 3y/o was 1 inch short)
  3. Buzz Lightyear : Kids love this ride and it takes a picture of you and your score you can send to your email, so right there you got 3 kid/family rides outta way. If you started at 10am it should be around 12ish now.
  4. FOOD : go back out to main street and you will see a red truck on the left, they have one of the best hotdog on the sticks ever, there huge, had the two kids eat one and they were full, trust me they are good, comes with apple slices or chips, get the apples. Nice thing is behind the truck is a shaded seating area and a few cast characters come out right there, i caught Mary poppins there .
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean : The upgrades on this ride are real nice (as long as you dont mind change) I’d put the 3y/o’s in the middle cause they can get scared.
  6. Haunted Mansion : Nuff said
  7. Pooh : not as good as Bear Country but the kids will like it.
  8. Jungle cruise : this ties in with next eating spot.
  9. Monorail to DL Hotel : This will give you a few minutes to rest your feet and the kids seem to like the ride. Should be around 4pm if you kept up your pace.
  10. FOOD : Ok i don’t know the name of the place but there is a outdoor bar behind the Disneyland Hotel POOL, you can sit in some nice chairs inside or out with family and they have hamburgers, chicken tenders and such, nice thing here is they have the radio controlled Jungle Cruise boats which are alot of fun, thats not all, right around the corner is the KOI pond and Waterfalls, its a nice relaxing timeout.

  11. Parade time : To me the place you sit for parade should be on the way to where you wanna go next.
  12. Tiki Room: If your really tired, If not i’d head to Toon Town because the kids will have a ton to do
  13. Train ride : if your legs have had it take the train to main street, get off grab what souvenirs you need from the shops and your right there at the front gate to call it a night.

I based this on the little ones while still having some family fun too, of course there is Fantasyland, Tom Sawyers island which has got some new fun kid things, small world was closed when i was there but it may have reopened too. Also this is just DL, if your doing parkhopper lots more idea’s.


It’s A Small World is back up. It was down for the Christmas setup, and will go back down again in Jan. to take down the decorations and bring it back to the normal show.


This thread is perfect. We just decided to go to California to check out some PA schools during my DD’s spring break. As part of the deal we are going to make a full day of Disneyland. I have driven past it several times, but have never actually been there. I can’t wait to see the differences between some of the attractions!


All of these are wonderful ideas! Thanks so much!

We are staying at the Grand Californian in a 1BR villa - using our DVC points.

We are staying a week, but only plan to do parks for 4-5 days. We’ll try to spend a day just at the resort, maybe see a few other things while we’re in California.

Keep the tips coming!


DL hotels getting a makeover and the grounds and accompanying sores and restaurants are supposed to be included …do not have atime table on that…have fun