What are the extras to look for at GF


Hey mouselovers,

As my trip approaches, i was wondering if there were any key information or tricks to ask for or utilize when staying at the GF. We are going for a weekend and requested a logoon side dormer room. Any suggestions to request, look for, try out, or such?

Any info would be great. My BF and I appreciate all the great tips people have given us for this free trip i won.

We are looking for a great time.



You won a free trip at GF? You are so lucky!!

Sorry I can’t help you as I have never been lucky enough to stay there. I hope you come back and let us know how your weekend goes, I would love to hear about it.


Wow, congrats on winning a trip! Never been to GF, but just the resort itself is beautiful! I would try the spa…maybe get a couples massage…let us know how your stay went!


Walking around the resort and it’s grounds is a must. It is a very beautiful place.


And use the boat to get to MK. The views on the lake are very nice.


Afternoon tea is my favorite there. They bring you several different teas, little food items, pastries, and it’s quite fun.



We stayed briefly in October, and can’t say enough about the beautiful, friendly resort. We had a Lagoon room in Concha Key and it was right by the boat dock and had a great view (MKCastle - Space Mountain - Contemporary) Fireworks from room, and Electric Water parade. Both pools are spectacular. You will have a fabulous time.


You got a lagoon room??!! :eek: I’m green with envy. :fork_off:
You can watch fireworks from Magic Kingdom over the marina.
You can also see the electrical water parade or whatever it’s called from the dock. Overall it’s a pretty good location.

You have to have afternoon tea, you don’t stay at the GF and not have afternoon tea.

Make sure you go to the shops. And of course just pop on the monorail for no reason at all- it’s there, enjoy it.

Eat at the cafe, it’s so pretty and the food is yummy.

And get up one morning and just walk around the whole resort and look at everything after having pancakes at the Gasparilla Grill. The lobby is so beautiful you should sit and just look at everything. It sounds boring, but when you get there you understand.