What are the odds?


We are new to DVC and recently booked our first trip for this fall in the last week of October at SSR whick is our home resort but really I wanted to stay at AK. Ok, so we were kind of stupid to wait to go on the waiting list sooner but we didn’t know how the system worked. We did not know that you could actuaklly go ahead and be on the waiting list as well as have a ressie booked while “waiting”. My question is what are the odds that we will actually get our wish of AK? I am waiting for either Kidani or Jambo House, don’t care. It’s during Food & Wine, from October 20th to 27th, so honestly do I stand a chance? Let me know if I shouldn’t get my hopes up.


I would think you chances are fair. It seems the DVC resorts that book the fastest, especially during Food and Wine Festival, are BCV and BWV. Plan on staying at SSR and if you get the wish list, it will be a magical surprise. Either way, you are still going to WDW and now you know how to do it for next time. no big!


Thanks for the reply. I will definitely know better next time! I think all I need is a little pixie dust. Got any anyone??


I agree with Dana. I think you would have a fairly good chance.


Do you mind a split trip? Usually we booked at home resort, and then at 7 months, perhaps get 2 days, and wait list one day, get that day, wait list one more day. If you wait list the whole week, it’s an all or nothing setup. So if you don’t mind taking a chance of perhaps staying 4 nights in one resort and 3 nights in another resort, I’d give MS a call. One thing I won’t do is book a mon., wed and hope the tues comes thru. I’m not moving every other day.


I don’t mind the idea of moving, but DH says no way. Oh well, all or nothing I guess.


I have a DH that is the same way. I find with a DH like that I have to plan and book early so I can get the resort I want. At the 7 month window I either get on the phone or my computer to see if the resort I want is available. Good luck with the waitlist. But if you can’t get AKL, SS is a very nice resort. If your hanging around the resort, the Turf Club has very good food and you can usually get in for dinner without a reservation.


I agree with your thoughts on SSR. I only stayed there for five nights a few years ago, but I did enjoy it. I especially like the unique choices at the food court area - loved the bfast flatbread!!

Pixie dust the wait list comes through!


I hope I enjoy the resort as much as you guys did. At least with your input, I know I have something good to look forward to.


Oh, almost forgot to say thanks Dana for the pixie dust. Hope it works!




I think your chances are pretty good. We stayed at Kidani last week and we were told it was only half full! I know october is busier, but I can’t imagine it being totally at capacity.


I sure hope you’re right. Thanks for the encouragement!


Wait lists are kind of funny. they tend to open up if you leave the waitlist active for 7 days before arrival. A lot of people cancel prior to the 31 days window, so your chances are better if you “let it ride” until the very last minute.

If you have the extra points, reserve rooms as they become available at AKV.

It is more difficult, and you will have to make a final decision on it before the 31 day window closes, but it is an option.



We are letting the waitist stay open until 7 days before arrival, since we are giong anyway, it won’t hurt. I didn’t think about your other idea though. I will have to see if we can swing this with our points. Thanks for the idea!