What are they going to do


I got to wondering the other day with what they were going to do with the Cinderellas Suite in the Castle now that they are doing the free day on your birthday promotion? are they still going to pick people at random or is it only for the elite of the elite money wise now?


Elite? I’m confused. I don’t know if they are still picking random people to stay in there or not. Now that the year of a million dreams is over, I can’t see what they would. They should totally rent that place out…they’d make a fortune.


In Sept. I asked a CM in guest services this very question. I was told that they will continue to give it out randomly and they would not be making it for the elite or wealthy only. I hope she was correct.


They are reserving it for me… HA! I am Cinderella you know. Speaking of which… these floors need to be cleaned right now! (where are the mice when I need them?)


I think what BlackAngelFmly meant by “elite” was Disney selling nights only to people who would have the grand amount of money to do so after the YoaMDs is over with.

I, for one, HOPE they don’t start selling or renting nights out in the castle. I think that defeats the whole magic of the suite. They should continue to choose one family per night to stay there, gratis.


I can tell you that Mariah Carey was turned down ($1 milion!) because the YOMD was a true lottery, and the prizes had to be given randomly. The CM who gave us the suite tour told us that story.


I think that it would tarnish the crown if the castle was for sale every night… Might as well hang a sponsor sign out front… I would hate that! (not that anyone is asking)…


If you find those mice, send em to me when they are done with your floors. I have a mountain of laundry and ZERO desire to do it.

Wish - thank you for spelling that out for me. I’m a little slow in the brain today…I just didn’t get it.

I think it’s cool if the rumor is true and they are giving it away randomly until whenever…that’s pretty cool. It would also make a neat once in a lifetime stay as well.


I have been to DW five or six times during the YOMD and haven’t received anything, but it was magical just being there! My son and his wife have been picked twice. I think it has been an awesome promotion and continuing picking people at random for the castle suite is a marvelous idea.


Wow! Turned her down? You’d think if they could close DL for Miley, a cool $Mil could increase Mariah’s chances of being randomly selected.