What are your thoughts on a late breakfast at Captain's Grille


I know people have mentioned have a late breakfast at chef mickey’s and it was great but what about other restaurants? Our flight lands at 8:30 A.M. and was thinking of a late breakfast at Captain’s Grille. We are staying at BCV, so it would be a matter of checking in and walking over. Do you think an ADR at 10 would be cutting it too close? We would be using ME. I always thought it took about an hour to get to the resort.


I think that’s a great idea since you’re staying at BCV. I think you’re going to be cutting it close but they are not busy so if you’re running a little late I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting seated. And worse case–you can have an early lunch if you’re really late. You can always eat first and check in second if you arrive close to 10, if you’re running late and it looks like you’ll be seated for lunch, check in and look around for a few minutes then walk over to Yacht Club for an early lunch.


Yes, eating first and checking in later would be fine since we aren’t doing a dining plan.


I’m wondering if you took the telephone number with you…and called if you see the ME is cutting it close…would they hold it for you? Knowing the ME trip varies with each trip they make, perhaps they will understand if you are running behind? Just a thought. You could also call them now and ask about their policy on that…


I think you get a grace period (maybe 20 minutes or so?) on your ressies, so you have a little leeway if you need it. I don’t know what time they remove the buffet, but they have a la carte ordering from the menu, which I am sure they’d make available to you until the lunch items are ready.


Well, it’s the buffet we would be going for. Last time we ate there if you ordered a la carte added coffee and juice, you might as well do the buffet.

I think if the plane got in late, just missed a bus, etc. I would just call and cancel.

We had breakfast here before and really loved and was trying to squeeze it in. Usually our first day, DH wants to rest for awhile and I go buy some food, this way we can do both.


The last time we had breakfast here, we were maybe one of 5or 6 parties seated in the restaurant so I am sure they could probably accommodate you if you were running a bit late.


I agree. The dining room has never been busy we have walked by so I think most days walk ups are taken with very little wait. Dinner seems to be the busiest but lunch and breakfast seem so be pretty slow.


When we stayed at the Yacht Club we ate breakfast here twice and didn’t have reservations either time, and didn’t have any problems getting in. I’m sure you won’t have a problem getting in, but I’m not sure if they’ll still have the buffet open.


The one time we ate there, we had a 7:30 ish ADR. We walked over a little early and had to wait for a bit while other people were being seated. Not sure why because as you said, the room was empty. Maybe they were waiting for servers to show up???


I am thinking that this could be answered with a quick call to YC – if you find out that they remove the buffet too close to your likely arrival time, you can always book for a different day. I would hate for you to miss the buffet. 407-934-7000


Yes, you are definitely cutting it way too close.
If you can be among the first off your plane, if it landed on time, and the ME bus is waiting for your family and then immediately takes off and proceeds directly to BCV, you’ll just make it.
Any slight speed bump along the way, and you’re boned.
What time do they switch over to lunch from breakfast?
If you must, make your reservation for the latest breakfast seating you can get.

I would also eat first and check in later.


If you were worried about missing ADR’s, you could always try Spoodles. (Yea - I know it isn’t that any more - but that is how we remember it).

We’ve always been able to just walk in there for bfast (be it Spoodles or Kouzzina:glare:)


I just say make the ADR and hope for the best. There’s no reason to stress about it, you won’t really be in control of any part of your monring so just make the ADR maybe you’ll make it and maybe you won’t. If you see that you won’t make it you can call from the airport (if your flight is late getting in) or from the DME bus (if you have so wait for the bus to fill up or your stops are slow). It’s not a big deal if you don’t make it, Captain’s Grille isn’t busy in the morning and you won’t lose a credit card deposit over it.


Yup, that’s our plan.

We will be like your flight, since our flight leaves Philly at 5:50, we are leaving our house at early, early, early. By the time 10 ish rolls around, I know my DH will want something to eat and then just rest for awhile. Of course we are hoping for a room, but there are plenty of spots at and around BC just to sit and relax.


[QUOTE=Elmo;1119195]If you were worried about missing ADR’s, you could always try Spoodles. (Yea - I know it isn’t that any more - but that is how we remember it).

We’ve always been able to just walk in there for bfast (be it Spoodles or Kouzzina:glare:)[/QUOTE]

That’s actually a bad plan. It will take them 5 minutes to get from BCV to Captain’s Grille. It will take about 15 minutes to walk from BCV to the Boardwalk, and if it’s raining, well…

Not only that, but remember Cape May usually seats until 10:45-11 AM as well.
That puts you back at a character buffet and that’s in the Beach’s lobby.

Plus, Spood…er Kouzzina and Captain’s Grille both change over to lunch at the same time.