What area should I request for Pop?


This will be our first time at Value and first time at Pop. What area should I request? Any suggestions would be wonderful.


i’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

60’s building!!!

I personally think it’s worth it to pay the little extra for a “preferred” room/building b/c some of the buildings are a kinda far walk and when you are in the Florida rain, after a LONG day or tiring evening, or just want to run to the food court for a drink being in those close buildings are SO nice!

My vote is 60’s building, definately!


We stayed in the 50’s, Building A, on the first floor and were so close to everything it was wonderful.


My most recent stay was in the 50s building right by the bowling pin pool. It was a very short walk to Classic Hall.


same thing 50’s building, close not many people in our pool.


Willbegone - such a great question - I was also wondering the same thing! I’m glad you asked.

The 50s and 60s are near each other? Or is everything fairly close at this resort?


what are the building options?
50s, 60s

what else?

what are the “giant” things in front of each building?


We just got back and stayed in the 50’s building and was actually closer to the food court,etc. than those in the “preferred” 60’s buildin. Lady and the Tramp are in front of the building and big bowling pins are at the end of each building with a bowling pin shaped pool. The 60’s had Mogli and Baloo and a big Playdo can with yo-yos at each end. The hippy dippy flower shaped pool is there. There is also a computer pool in the 80’s section. The 70’s had a giant foosball board outside and an outside twister game that you could really play.There were giant rubix cubes on the 80’s building. That is all I can really remember.


We found the same thing Karliebug. We stayed in the 50’s and were much closer than the 60’s buildings to Classic Hall.


The downside to the 60’s building is the noise.

The 70’s remains close to everything. They are closest to the buses. And the giant Mickey Mouse phone is awesome.


I think I would have to choose 60s because of Mowgli and Balooo…I’ll walk further, just let me hang next to giant Jungle Book Characters, please!!!


When I was in the 60’s building we were on the 2nd floor and really had no noise problems at ALL. We even saw the fireworks for the outside walkway one night. For some reason, where our room location was we were definately closer to the lobby and pool than the 50’s building. Either way, I am sure you will enjoy yourself.


We stayed in the 70’s building and we were very close to everything. And the Twister boards that karliebug mentioned are so fun! :slight_smile: Also be on the look out for this guy…


:huh: When we stayed there, a CM told us you couldn’t see any of the fireworks from anywhere at PC. Now, I’m disappointed (I haven’t seen Illuminations since January '01)


We DEFINATELY saw it. Now I KNOW we were partying at PI later that night but the fireworks were BEFORE that so it DEFINATELY was NOT an ARI. hehe :tongue: Mind you, it wasn’t like an up close view, I jsut remeber standing on the walkway yelling for Daniel to come out to see them.


Thanks y’all. Sounds like you can’t go wrong with 50s, 60s or 70s. That is good that gives me a whole lot more options!


If being close to Classic Hall is important to you then I would check out a map of the resort. The areas are big and even though your room may be in the 50’s i.e. you may end up further away than you thought.