What can my Caisley do


at MGM!? We’ll be there on Thursday!


She can see the Beauty and the Beast Show - I love it!!! She can see the Muppets in 3-D!!! She can go on the Great Movie Ride!!! She can see the Parade…Have Fun, little Caiser! :wub:


Does she like Playhouse Disney? Ty loved seeing Bear and Jo-jo.


I’m sure she would love to play on the Honey I Shunk the Kids area! My two loved it last year, It was kind of hard to follow them around with all the kids , but hopefully it will be less packed this time of year. :wub:


She’d love The Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Playhouse Disney, HISTK playground, Rock n Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror…ok, well maybe not the last two.

Mikkie will love Lights, Motors Action!


She will like the street performers!! She’ll love it at the studios


They pretty much covered it all !


Oh, yes, beware of the HISTK area. When we went, my brother was 4… we nearly lost him in the whole mess. Between the kids, the ballpits, the giant leaves, etc… he didn’t want to come out, and kept running back into the contraption - where he knew we couldn’t get to! :pirate:


Oh, she’ll LOVE this.

Let her walk ahead of you a bit, engrossed in the excitement. Then hide behind a shrubery. Eventually, she’ll notice your abscence, and it’ll be really fun to watch her look for you with a happy smile on her face.

And if she starts screaming and crying, don’t fall for it–she’s just trying to trick you out into the open.


Seriously, I believe the HISTK playground has a minimum age requirement. I don’t think Caisley is old enough. I may be wrong on this, but I recall seeing something like that last trip.


any show…especially b and b…and of course the muppets!!


I bet she’d love ice cream from the place in front of ToT… YUM! :tongue:


MuppetVision!!! It is so fun!!!


Ya’ll forgot Meet Characters! :tongue:


You guys are so funny!! I think Caisley will LOVE ToT, but that silly height requirement gets in the way…

NO playground that involves ball pits. :blow:

I think Caisley is gonna be taking in some shows!! :c)

and we’re babyswappin’ ToT and RnRc!


Muppets and PlayHouse Disney!! Those are the first 2 places I take HB!! (and you think I am kidding?) LOL!!


Yeah, this sounds like a fun game to play, I’m writing this down.


Well!! HB and Caisley will be great friends!! :wub:

Muppets rule.


Probably…most grownups are afraid of HB (cause she is always so serious looking) BUT, kids love her!


Is she serious looking??? That is NOT what I would of thought!

I can’t wait to go to MGM!