What can you do with a baby at WDW?


We are taking a family trip WDW in October and our son will be 11 months old. What rides and attractions are baby friendly? Any experiences with a baby at WDW?

Thanks so much! :tongue:


Everything. They are very easy to please. Mine was 6 months on the first trip and I find it harder at 11.


I would say that most rides & shows are baby/toddler friendly. Resorts will provide a crib if requested.


Make sure you bring a stroller that reclines so the baby can take naps while you enjoy the parks. When our son was 18 mos. old (his first trip) he was able to go into most of the shows in all parks and he was able to do most everything in FantasyLand in MK. His first ride ever was small world and I will never forget the look on his little face.:crying: We even took him on things while he was sleeping like Pirates and Haunted Mansion. You are going to have a great time!:happy:


We had no problem taking a 12month old! Shows were fine as well as a lot of rides! We did POTC, Small World, Voyage of the Little Mermaid,(just to name a few) fireworks were an attention getter as well as just all the colors and people and music! I was really surprised at how good our baby was! I second the reclining stroller-it came in REALLY handy! Just keep in mind you have to be flexible and you will all have a great trip!


MIne was 9 months her first trip. Make sure you do bring your own stroller, cuz the blue hard ones they rent aren’t too comfy for baby to sleep in! There are great baby centers in each park too that sell baby food, give you diapers and are a nice quiet place to go to nurse, rock them to sleep or just relax. :happy:


I have been taking my kids to wdw since they were 4 months old… I did EVERYTHING with them plus you get to go in front of the line to a lot of the rides… (dont know if that’s done anymore) make sure you go to Epcot @ nite for the lights on the concrete… babies love that.


HAHA…:laugh: I wish that were still the case! Having a baby in tow does not allow you front of the line access! That would be cool though! :cool:

As for what to do with the kids, really you can do EVERYTHING without a height restrition!!! I, too, have been taking my kids since they were very young…4 1/2 and 5 1/2 months old!!! I think the easiest trips were when they were babies, really. You’ll have a BLAST!!!


I don’t know if your son is up and walking around yet.

If not, enjoy it!!! It’ll be the lowest-maintenance trip you take with him. :laugh:

If he is up and toddling, you’ll still do just fine. Just be prepared to let him dictate the pace to some extent.

He may end up enthralled with a water fountain. At that age, you can’t exactly explain “yeah the fountain is neat, but there’s something really cool over there”. The way he’ll see it, you’ll just be spending the day dragging him away from things he’s having fun with.

The only other advice I’d give you is that if you want to do character dining or character greeting, give your son a day or two to get warmed up to the characters before hitting the ones you really want him to see. You never know how they’ll react to these large creatures whose heads are bigger than a toddler’s entire body. Give him a chance to get comfortable with the experience, and by the middle and end of your trip, he’ll be a pro.


Don’t be so sure about that!!! DD who just turned 2 absolutely HATES characters! She has since she was a baby. HATES them! Scared to death of them. I was thinking that maybe it would have gotten better since we haven’t been to WDW since Dec. WRONG! We were in Atlantic City 2 weekends ago and outside of Ben and Jerry’s was someone in a GIANT pretzel costume. She was screaming like she was being killed! :blink: Needless to say, I didn’t book ANY character meals for our August trip…until the day we leave. :laugh:


Lots of good posts here. Here’s my 2 cents…8 month old DGD,first trip, 18 months, 2nd trip…

loved most rides, really loved lion king show, at the Voyage of the Little Mermaid hated the part where you get a mist of water on you. She started crying. Next time we went to the show we had a light scarf (we were using as an extra sun shield on stroller) and put it over her for those 5 secs and she was fine.

On top of bringing your own stroller, make sure it has a good shade. We didn’t have it, but I saw strollers with this HUGE shade. My DD asked someone and it’s a aftermarket shade you can buy at babiesrus and such.

Being extra small size spoons and forks for your little one. I haven’t looked, but I’m guessing they must make disposable ones, just like those disposable sippy cups. Also those disposable placemats would be great too. My DGD was very grabby at meals. It was easier to put a few bites on those place mats then worry about dishes flying off the table.:eek:

At 18 months my DGD was also afraid of characters. The face characters were fine, but she was scared at the others. At spectromagic, pluto came right up to my DGD and she started crying.:crying: But at the end of the trip at Chef Mickey,they were ready to leave (and after my DD put the camera away), and my DGD ran up to Mickey and gave him a hug. :wub: DD got a slightly blurry picture.

For the second trip, we stayed at POP and DGD loved the POP jets. Didn’t like getting wet, just liked running around them.


Everything you heard so far is a pretty good bet. My DD was about 18 mos her first trip and she did it all with us. And the rides she couldn’t go on, we just did baby swap. Also, a great place for little ones to run around is at Pooh’s treehouse in Fantasyland and Donald’s boat in Toontown. At her age, running around chasing water was a perfect reprieve from being carried or in a stroller for so long.

Again, although they may not remember the first trip, you will, and those memories are priceless.


You’ll get such good advice here! A lot of really smart, inventive moms!

May babies are long grown, but I just wanted to welcome you to MouseBuzz!:happy:


Great thread Gabes Mommy! I am taking my DD (will be 18 months old for our December trip) and this thread has been very helpful.

Welcome to MouseBuzz…it is the BEST place for Disney questions:happy:


The babies we have seen at WDW are fascinated by stuff that nobody else on the planet would ever even notice!! Like this one little guy who was in a backpack on his dad, and he was so happy, just watching the lights on teh ceiling of the Muppetvision queueing area! The lights just made him so happy! And we were in stitches watching another baby boy who was lughing like a maniac at some balloons…
One of the cutest sights at WDW is a baby who is covered with ice cream, happily enjoying his little treat as it drips all over his smiling self!


The shade we got at Babies R US was called Ray Shade by Kidopatumus. It was AWESOME!


DD first trip was a 8 months, DS at 6 months. They can pretty much do everything except attractions that have height limits like Space, Splash and Big Thunder Mountains, Tower of Terror, Test Track, etc…
Both of my kids really enjoyed meeting characters and watching parades. They also enjoyed watching the shows like Festival of the Lion King at AK.
They also really enjoyed the resort pool! Both Disney Waterparks have a baby/toddler/kid area , they also enjoyed that.
Have fun!


Here are some specific things you can do with your little one:
At Magic Kingdom
the carousel
the Carousel of Progress
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
It’s a Small World
Peter Pan
The Scary Adventures of Snow White
Mickey’s Philharmagic
The Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Winnie the Pooh
The WDW railroad
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Disney’s Playhouse
Indiana Jones (but don’t sit too close to the stage)
The Great Movie Ride
The Backlot Tour
Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground
At Animal Kingdom
Triceratop Spin
the Boneyard
Nemo- the Musical
Rafiki’s Planet Watch
Kilamanjaro Safaris
Pangani Forest Trail
Maharaja Jungle trek
At Epcot
Spaceship Earth(if it is open when you go-it is closed now for rehab)
Circle of Life
Journey into Imagination with Figment
Ellen’s Universe of Energy
Living with the Land
Maelstrom (which has a very small drop in it, but DS did fine at age 1)
As you can see, there are tons of things to do with younger kids. I hope this list is helpful to you. You should also make sure to take advantage of character meet and greets and the shows that are put on throughout the day at all the parks. Lots of eye candy for little ones.:wub:


WOW…you really did your homework. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Thanks


I did do my homework. The class was called “Taking your children to WDW from the time they are an embryo”. :laugh:
We have made multiple trips with our kids, including when one was an infant and even when I was pregnant with one of them. Lots of experience, love to share it, especially if it helps someone out!:wub: