What Can You tell Me about Wilderness Lodge?


OK, we’ve only been back from our trip to WDW stay at CSR for a few weeks, and DH already wants to book our next vacation for 2007. Probably have to wait until the end of June to go. Older son has Confirmation and 8th grade testing in the Spring and graduation in June. Thinking of June 28 to July 6th. Do you think it will be totally packed since the 4th of July is in that timeframe? He’s narrowed resort choices down to the Wilderness Lodge or the Contemporary.

What are your thoughts? Suggestions? How is the transportation? Does anyone know if any new packages willl be announced soon? I did find out that Disney is adding a “Summer” season, May 24 to August 4th (slightly more price than “Regular” season). Value Season will be August 5th to Oct. 3rd. Are the Standard View rooms OK? Or would you definitely ask for a wooded or courtyard view? Not that we spend all that much time in the room anyway.

I promose to finish my TR this weekend!

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I love WL! We stayed there last December for the first time and have already booked for this December. It’s beautiful, has a perfect location, and has some pretty great room service. Also, you’ve got Fort Wilderness just down the path, where there’s horseback riding, a petting zoo, Trail’s End and Hoop De Doo, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, movie nights with Chip and Dale, hay rides, etc…


I just love the WL this October will be my fourth stay, to be honest with you I have never had a bad room. I booked standard for my up coming trip and booked standard last July and was upgraded to courtyard the other two times I booked wood view and was offerd an up grade to courtyard one time the other we just stayed in wood. The only room that I would not want is the one that faces the WCC I think it would just be too loud.
I also stayed that the contemporary we were in the south wing it was nice but not as relaxing as WL. We were able to walk to MK so that was great but if I had my choice I would pick WL/


I’ve never stayed - but, we visited, looked around, and ate at the WCC.

We took the boat from the WL to the MK - and that was SOOO much fun!!!

WCC was amazing, and the resort - there really are not accurate words to describe it’s greatness.

It’s breathtaking! It even has a geyser!! :heart:

It’s amazing!


I’ve also never been, but I’d suggest if you can push your trip back a week, arrive starting on the 8th of July, for some reason that’s when WL’s value season starts, so you could save some $$$$$!!!
From what I’ve seen, the deluxe resorts won’t have a summer season.


I’m jumping in on this thread. We’re staying at WL this October and I was a little hesitant about staying. I didn’t think I would like it.


The WL is amazing. Don’t think for a second that you won’t like it MJD.

And Cathyscat, to answer one of your original questions, yes, it will be crowded that week, but like another poster said, if you can push it out a week it might be better. The crowds will still be heavy, but if you can save a few bucks, there is nothing wrong with that.

Unless of course you want to be there over the 4th, than that’s a different story.


We stayed at WL in Oct and we loved it. The theming is great and we were also upgraded to a courtyard room. The only bad thing I can say about it is the transportation. It’s really slow. We may have just hit it on a bad week, but we waited a long time for the boats over to MK and once they did come you also have to stop at FW for guests. I may be wrong, but I’m assuming that since they offer the boat to MK there are not as many MK buses that go to WL - since we also waited a long time for any MK buses when we got discouraged with the boats.

Even with that in mind I still highly recommend the WL and I would stay there again!


Wilderness Lodge is great for both families and couples. I went for the first time in October last year. My girlfriends family have a timeshare there (or something like that) and before I went they told me how beautiful and amazing this place is. And its not untill you acctually get there till you realise how stunning this place is.

I just can’t wait to go again. (15 days and counting hehe!!)



Really?? Why??

We loved the WL. It was so pretty - the atmosphere is just great.


Really? The Deluxe resorts have a different schedule than the values/mods? We surely would have no problem pushing it out a week. I’ll have to seriously check into this…or tell DH to look into it.

Thanks for all the opinions. We actually stopped at the WL for a few minutes for a look-see on our way to Hoop De Doo, and I thought it looked pretty awesome.


The only place that i will ever stay again in WDW. Specialy during the winter time its just magical at that time.
Take a nap in front of the fireplace or just to talc with a nice hot cup of cocoa mmmmmmmm


:mickey: WL is stunning. A truly magical place to stay. The lobby alone is to die for! Unfortunately it is out of our price range at the moment but if money was not an issue I would have no hesitation in staying there agian and again.
The Cm’s there were all really helpful and the pool was amazing. The onlynegative I have is that the snack bar, counter restaurant place is soooooo small in comparison to the resort.

You will adore this resort. Promise! :mickey:


[QUOTE=ARIEL]: The onlynegative I have is that the snack bar, counter restaurant place is soooooo small in comparison to the resort.

Ariel, have you been there since ther renovation of the snack bar? I haven’t been there at all, I was just wondering if you were able to compare it. We’ll be there in December.


One of my favorite things about WL was the dock leading to the MK boat. At night the “lanterns” line the path. They are actually light bulbs that flicker to make it look like there is a candle burning inside. It just made you feel so cozy! We loved staying there and will definately do it again!


here’s a link to what the rates are going to look like & season dates…

2007 Walt Disney World Resort Rates - wdwinfo.com


We’ve stayed at WL three times now and would go again in a heartbeat. I just love the cozy atmosphere and the transportation options were very convenient.
We never had to wait long for a bus, and the boat option makes it even easier to get around. We often took the boat to the Contemporary and then the Monorail to Epcot or wherever.
We’ve stayed in the villas and just love them, but the regular rooms are nice too. We had a bunkbed room for the last two nights of our last trip. They aren’t very roomy, but like you said, if you don’t spend much time in the room anyway, it works out fine.
We really like Whispering Canyon and Artist Point is a fabulous restaurant for a nice quiet dinner. We really didn’t utilize Roaring Forks this past visit.
I hope you get to go to WL Cathy, I think you’ll love it!


I havn’t I’m afraid Princess so unfortunately I can’t answer your question. I hope they made it bigger though as it was so very small.


Thanks for the link. That was one site I didn’t check out. Whoever typed the headings in the Deluxe Resort tables messed up a little on the Wilderness Lodge section, but I think it should read that the Value Season starts on July 8th.

I’d guess nothing is totally official until Disney actually posts the rates which they told us would be around the 2nd week of August.

I do like that number though, $205 for a standard room at WL. Not that much more than a Mod resort in Summer Season!


What can I tell you about the WL? Well it’s beautiful, everything is in one building, and I’ll be arriving there within 15ish hours!