What could go wrong?


What could go wrong while you are at Disney…that would upset you greatly or hamper your trip a bit. Your choices are…


The only thing that could utterly destroy a WDW vaca for me would be if the Haunted Mansion was shut down. That’s when I turn around, go straight to guest services, and demand a full refund.


I say my favorite ride being closed… it always depresses me. :frowning:


I voted for long lines. I try to avoid the busy times of year for this very reason. I have been at DL on the day after Thanksgiving and rode only 6 rides in 12 hours and hope to never have that experience again. This is about the only thing, at least on your list, that could ruin my vacation!


I, too, voted for the long lines. While I’d still manage (and be thrilled to be there) that would be the thing that would wear on both mine and DH’s nerves the fastest…but like I said, we’d make do! It’s still DISNEY afterall! :slight_smile:


I make my own weather :mickey:


It really is a toss between rain and the 70 min wait. One year we went during a tropical storm and it poured, but it was warm. Last trip (dec 03) it was cold, if it had rained then it would have been too cold to stay for any rides, unless ever ride in MK was a walk on and we ran from ride to ride.


Well we did have a few problems from our trip last week occur. First off our digital camcorder “decided” to stop working as we were getting ready to go to the MK the first morning. Then my oldest DD left her ticket at the FP for Stitch and I didn’t realize until I got ready to use it for Space Mountain. Apparently she isn’t the only one because when I appraoched the CM at Stitch he had a handful of them but luckily her name was on it. Then as we were leaving BB after a great day someone(ok me) left the digital camera on top of the van. As we left and turned right out of the parking lot the kids saw a black case fall onto the road but not before we got to 30mph. We quickly did a u-turn at Coronado Springs and went back to get it. Guess what, still works and nothing damaged so I highly recommend Fuji cameras.


I think it was the rain what really bothered me when we were at Disney on July 2004… it didnt rain in Orlando on the previous 3 days we spent there and those that we decided to go to Disney it did… :crying:

They cancelled Indiana Jones show and we spent most of that afternoon under a table…

Ohhh and while we were waiting for Pirates of the Caribean show this french girl step on my toe… :angry: Agrgrgrg… she almost made me cry…


The idea of weird Uncle Al did cross my mind - cause something like that actually happened, and it was pretty scary! :laugh:

But I voted for the 70 minute lines. We go in January and I’m so spoiled by walking on to almost everything, I think waiting that long would be torture.


This isn’t the worst that could go wrong (that would be long lines!), but my actual experience was that it was hot, like sooooooooo hot doing or seeing anything was tortourous, my sandals broke in the middle of Animal Kingdom, AND then my glasses broke!!! So I have wonderful “memories” of being in the Coronodo Springs pool as DBF exclaimed how great seeing the fireworks – that I couldn’t even detect in the sky – were! :blink: (BTW, did have my contacts along, but my eyes HURT SO MUCH by the end of the trip from having to wear them for such extended periods of time. :wacko: ) Oh, AND I was receiving calls pressuring me to accept a job offer I still wanted to think about and had gone to WDW to escape from having to deal with!! I spent a great deal of that trip in tears for various reasons. :mellow:


The big thing that gets me is lines. I HATE lines!!!


I had my glasses break at the MK, too! And without my glasses I’m almost blind. I truly panic. We took them to city hall and in 5 minutes they found a little screw to fix them and polished them up like they’ve never been polished before. It was a case of Disney Magic!


I hate the lines too !!!


Why can’t Baloo take me on the jungle cruise!!! WHY!!!

I mean honestly–I wouldnt want to ride on it if anyone else was driving


Great minds think alike,Cinderbella-I want Baloo to take me on the Jungle Cruise too!!!


If it rained everyday at WDW, I might collapse and cry. Long lines are bad, but rain is worse.


I voted for long lines, I HATE waiting!!! :angry:


The security guards stop your three year old because she looks like trouble! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

That is soooo funny. This would be very acurate of my 3 year DD. :biggrin:

But seriously i can only stand waiting in lines so long with the kids, oh when that whining sets in. :wacko: :wacko:


Long lines and huge crowds of people ruin things for me. I want to live in my own little world filled only with people I know and like! LOL