What did you do this weekend? We went to Europe!


Okay well sort. In all of my 30 years living in South Florida I had never ventured down to Vizcaya. I fell in love with Europe when I was there, all the architect, the buildings, the history, so we decided to head on down. It’s literally a little piece of Europe smack in the middle of Coconut Groove Miami.

Here’s a little info on Vizcaya;

Vizcaya is an estate or villa in a North Italian sixteenth-century style on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida, designed for James Deering as a winter residence. The estate originally consisted of 180 acres, including the main house, formal gardens, extensive lagoon gardens, and a village that serviced the property. The main house was built between 1914 and 1916, while the construction of the complicated gardens and the village continued into the early 1920s. During these latter years labor and materials were difficult to acquire as a result of World War I. Vizcaya is noteworthy for adapting European cultural traditions to Miami’s subtropical landscape. The house, for example, combines European marble and Floridian limestone while the Italianate gardens rely on plants capable of thriving in Miami’s climate.

Villa Vizcaya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia <- In case you wanted more information there is the link.

The Trip Report itself is probably a lot of photos for your enjoyment.


I am from Miami and do not remember if I ever went there. I would love to go someday when I go back and visit.


This is the front of the house as you’re walking up the pathway.


An archway as you’re walking past the walkway.


One of the fountains in the front.


The walkway that I speak of. :laugh:


:laugh: When you posted this I kept thinking “I have heard or seen this somewhere” and then I remember. It was in Ace Ventura Pet Detective :laugh: It’s gorgeous!


I went to a beautiful wedding at Vizcaya once, it really is beautiful. Glad you enjoyed yourself.


This is looking out at the barge.


This is a gazebo.


We were playing with the camera and found this lovely flower.


Another view of the barge.


I was just watching that this weekend too and I was like hey, that’s Vizcaya!


We loved it so much we went back twice. It’s so beautiful and this hidden gem.

A wedding, swanky! I looked into for there and the pricing was way over my budget and too many rules.


Aw we’re so cute. This was on one of the walk outs.


Playing with the camera again. Time is just ticking away.


Us in front of the outlook to the barge.


Walking into the gazebo.


Omar in the gazebo.


A close up of one of the statues on the barge.