What Disney Project Are You Most Excited For?


Disney currently has lots of projects either under construction or recently completed. Which can’t you wait to see?


Carsland at DCA!

But I worry about its longevity. “Tomorrowland”, “Adventureland”, “Fantasyland”… those are timeless.


The Survey alone inspires me to do some goggling. I have no idea what the DtD wharf project entails.


We can’t wait for the Beast Castle and Gastons Pub !!! :pirate:


We can’t wait to the Fantasy land redone!!


The Disney Dream of course. :laugh:


Hard decision! I want to see all of it! But, I chose Fantasyland.


Has to be fantasyland expansion! Its the one I have the most chance of getting to experience out of the choices…oh and Hyperion Wharf lol!


I am excited for the new Fantasyland, but I’ll hate to see Toontown go. I’m really excited for the resort in Hawaii! That just gives me another reason to visit! :laugh: :happy:


You know, this just made me think…are they going to allow alcohol in Magic Kingdom at Gastons Pub? If I remember correctly, right now there is no alcohol allowed in MK?


The DW and I pondered that as well … I think they would not . The MK is the only place in WDW that will not serve alcohol. I was suprised last year when we went to 1900 Park Fare for Dinner and I had the “Golden Cold Frosties” for my beverage… I still consider GF part of the Kingdom even though I know it is not.


I can’t wait for new fantasyland in WDW!


Definitely can’t wait for the New Fantasyland at WDW’s Magic Kingdom. The MK I knew as a kid to an adult will in a sense be gone. The expansion will make the MK seem like a completely different park to me.


Voted for FL as I don’t think I will ever get to go on the Disney Dream. DH has not urge to go on a cruise:(


I voted for the FL expansion but how soon before Cars comes to WDW?


I doubt they would, but even if they did I really couldn’t see Fantasy Land as the place that they’d allow it. Only place I could see it if it ever was would be Tony’s, and even then limited to Beer and Wine.


I voted for Fantasyland; we’re actually holding off on going back to WDW until it’s complete.


yeah me too! I hold disney trip till is complete too!


I would like to go in to the new RC car shop, in down town disney… RIDEMAKERZ!:heart::heart: I would just LOVE to go there!:happy: It`s a shop where you get to make your own RC cars with fully stocked: car externals, engins, and even the disney helpers help you make the car! :heart::laugh::happy:


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had to look into this one.