What Disney Ship


OK Zoomaster, I’m doing my part to keep the board running.
My family has cruised on two of the Disney ships. Twice on the Disney Wonder and once on the Disney Dream. I loved both but I think maybe the Wonder a little bit more. The Dream felt bigger/ less personal and the scavenger hunt had me ready to curl on the deck floor and go to sleep and hope my Littles were still there when I woke up :afro: I appreciated the upgraded ship but I still felt the Wonder looked beautiful and was well maintained.
Do any of you have thoughts to share on the 4 ships…


I’m looking forward to everyone’s input, as its on my bucketlist to get myself on a cruise. Not being a water person, and worries of motion sickness, I really have to talk myself into this and hoping input here will help.


I’ll follow this! I’ve only been on 1 Disney cruise and it was 13 years ago…I don’t even remember which ship I was on. Obviously it was the Magic or Wonder…and I want to say it was the Magic. I’ve taken several cruises since and nothing compares in my opinion. I plan on cruising with Disney the next time around!


You hardly can tell the ship is moving unless you are sailing through bad weather/choppy water.


I was on a Norwegian cruise once (the one and only time I’ll ever cruise with them!) and the ship moved nonstop. Everyone was sick the whole week. The water was fine, weather was great. I still can’t figure out what made that ship so much different than any other cruise I’ve ever been on. I was ready to fly home from one of the ports rather than get get back on the ship!


Register in Disney cruise line,it will tell you when you cruised and what ship. It will also give you your past passenger number. I’m hoping they do another deal where kids sail free. I have done Carnival 3 times as well and I will say once you sail the best…, ever time I get on Carnival I’m comparing little things to Disney.


We just went on the Fantasy this summer for the first time. We loved it (maybe not as much as Disney World)- but the service was first class… They treated you like royalty. It was clean, and beautiful as well. And Castaway Cay, well that just made you feel like a princess. We loved it!


How could I forget Castaway Cay!!! Loved it.