What disney theme for web site?


I was just thinking how ive always wanted to do a web site and how i love disney, so if i was gonna do a disney themed web page what would it be, The Mine Train thru Natures Wonderland,we went to disney when i was 5 and it was the most wonderful thing i’d ever seen, i know its not as advanced as todays wonderful rides but it will always be my favorite…so if you had to pick a disney themed web page or site what would it be?


Splash Mountain is wicked, its a small world would make for a good themed page as well… heck all disney rides are perfect for themeing seeing as imagineers spent years perfecting their themes!


“heck all disney rides are perfect for themeing seeing as imagineers spent years perfecting their themes!” of course, so much to choose from, but if you had to pick only one thing(rides,characters,park in general,even parking lot lol) just one, what would it be?


splash mountain


well, let me ask you this… what is your FAVORITE “land” in Disney? If the mine train really attracts you why don’t you do like a western themed “frontierland” type thing. Your cursor’s could be cacti, you could DL some music from a Frontierland attraction and have it play when people enter the site, ummm, your background could be an old western “ghost town” type building, and I am sure you could find a cool western font.

Let us know what you decide!


ty for the idea’s WishUponAStar, i thought about it for awhile and there is so much info on just a single ride(i guess im a in depth kind of person) that i dont think i could really give a whole land the attention it would deserve…for instance i would included these things at least…1) video 2)postcards 3) pic’s 4) maps 5) brochure 6) ride mock ups(like the little models they make in advance if any) 7) upgrades(in this case the mine train was upgraded and ride made larger) 8) WED staff who worked on ride 9) all tidbits on ride(the train was battery operated and the batteries lasted alot longer than were expected by manufatur so they went to disney to see why and were amazed at what they found out) 10) what happened to ride after it was taken off exhibit 11) ride audio,music, any with walts voice…as you can see…at least for me i think this is all i could handle, i’d want it to be a place where people could find hard to get info and also feel they learned something new while giving it the disney feel the whole time…wow…sorta long winded sorry :frowning:


Well you know how I am, I LOVE the architecture of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, so I would include something that had to do with the castle…but thats just me. Im sure what ever you decide and create will be great! :smile:


Well, whatever theme you choose PLEASE send is the link when it’s finished :smile:


what is the best and easest to learn web making program, anyone know?


hmmmm what about a Disneyland Railroad theme, and the train could take you through the different components of the website?
Sounds awesome, I hope you get it up and running quickly!

As for web making programs…do you want to learn HTML? I did a bit in highschool but I totally forget it all, now I just use drag and click web builders or sites that are already hosted and you just imput tiny bits of HTML
Right now I’m using freewebs.com
(check out my site… www.freewebs.com/tessastafford ) It’s about my WDW working experience, well, as soon as I start working :laugh:
Anyways, thats a really great site it you’re just wanting to do something small…you can actually change the layouts a fair bit and input html/polls/questionaires/photos, I like it


gees Priness Tessa, they give you that much free space, thats pretty good,you did a good job your site looks nice, are you gonna have enough room for all those pic’s you’ll be taking lol. I took some kind of microsoft class in school for web making, is it frontpage 2000 or something like that? whatever it was i liked it ok, dont know if they still use it or not, everything changes so fast with computers, im thinking of a space that will cost me no more than 10.00 a month but will give me plenty of space to work with, guess i’ll look it up on the net and see what i can find

thats for the idea’s