What do I need


…to fly with a child who is not mine?

We’re meeting up with our best friends for our June trip but we’re arriving a day before they are. I offered to take their 14 year old daughter with us so she can have an extra day added to her trip. If we get her ticket changed to our flight will I need anything extra at the airport because she isn’t my child? I know she doesn’t need an ID to fly with her parents but she has the same last name.

I hope she gets to go with us, she’s a great kid. For some reason she likes hanging out with my family. She loves to spend time at our house and I’ve known her since the day she was born so I know she won’t be a problem to have along.


This is a very good question since I am contemplating taking my nieces with me on our next trip. I would think calling the airline directly would be your best bet.


I agree with calling the airline directly as I have seen in the past that some things vary from airline to airline.


Steph, you can get the form you need here: Travel Consent Form from LawDepot.com


That’s a great site, thanks!


I’ll do that. I wasn’t sure if the airline mattered since getting past security comes first. Those people scare!!


Oh my golly… I am stunned that I never realized that you’d need something form the parents. It makes so much sense, but we are planning a non-Disney trip with other kids involved, and I am so glad to see this thread before we made a mistake!


You need to ask a lawyer what is the best way to keep you from going to jail… :eek:

Seriously, you need permission from both parents to allow the care and custody for a minor who is not yours. :crying:

That can be done with a simple power of attorney. :wub:

But it’s easier to have it done beforehand, in accordance with both the airline’s regulations and or any Federal restrictions (FAA/DHS,DOT).

That being said, there’s no reason to pay big bucks to a lawyer, you can obtain various forms on the internet… :cool:

Or, you can convince some lawyer to do it on the cheap! :pirate:


Thanks so much for this site, Debi. I actually had the same question. My friend took a new job in NJ and moved down about two months ago. Her husband and the kids will be moving after school lets out in June. We are taking her daughter with us to Orlando for the cheer competition in March and she is meeting us there (she’s flying from NJ). She was under the impression that since her daughter was 12 and airlines let kids fly alone that it wouuld be no problem, but I had mentioned to her that I’d feel better if she gave me some sort of legal document. This looks great.


I’ve flown with my neice, twice. Well, make that 4 times if we do RT :laugh: .

We’ve always had a notarized letter from her Mother, but never been asked to see it.

I think with kids having different last names these days, if the child looks comfortable with you, they don’t ask.

The first time she was 7 and the second was just last year…she was 13.


It looks like I’ll need some paper work, we got the airline tickets change last weekend and she’s going with us. Nathan is super excited, even though she’s a lot older than he is they are still good friends. (Nate’s in 4th grade and she’s in 8th grade.)

I may look at booking bunk beds at WL so they get their own bed but they aren’t worried about it. Funny how kids can be that way sometimes, they spend enough time together sharing a bed wouldn’t even be an issue.

I’m excited to take her, she’s a good kid.


I think you’re right about that, so many families have different last names so no one even blinks these days.


When my SIL took DH’s niece with her she needed a POA and her birth certificate and was asked for both when she was checking in. However, my SIL is 18 and looks 14 so that might have been why.