What do we need?


This trip will be our first staying at a DVC resort. What do I need for the kitchen? Do I need dish soap and sponges? Paper plates, napkins, utensils, trash bags, paper towels, coffee filters, etc…

Sorry I know this seems like a silly question, but this is our first time and I want to be completely prepared!


I asked this same question awhile back because I had no clue. llama told me that you don’t need anything. they provide you with mostly everything. She told me they have dish soap etc. there for you and all cooking supplies (basic ones I’m sure).


I must say that you should bring your own paper/plastic plates and cups, even cutlery…as the ones that are in the room are REALLY cheap.


Just remember that you can purchase whatever you may forget at the gift shops at DVC resorts. They’re fully stocked with sponges, dish soap, etc. I agree that the dinnerware/silverware they give you is super cheap, though, so if you want substantial stuff, bring it yourself.


In the studios we were supplied with paper plates & bowls and plastic silver ware, paper towels, dish soap, sponge…the glasses were glass and real coffee mugs provided…oh and there was coffee provided. We never request cleaning service, so I don’t know if they restock mid trip or not, we always take extra (disposable) so we don’t have to worry about it. We’re not coffee drinkers either, so I’m not sure how often they restock it.


Also, VERY IMPORTANT, the last couple of trips we found that housekeeping turns the fridges OFF between guests…so when you get there and stock it, make sure you turn it ON!!! Others in our party found the same thing in their rooms…the gift shop replaced our milk & OJ, but weren’t thrilled about it, but we totally expected the fridge to be on when we arrived.Save the headache and go straight to the fridge and turn it on ASAP.


Excelelnt tip! Thank you for mentioning that. I never would have looked!


We didn’t think about it either…so we found out the hard way. Just passing along the tip to prevent the headache.


I could have easily seem me loading up the fridge only to find out later it isn’t even on…you know after everything had spoiled…lol Thanks again for mentioning this.


That’s what happened to us, we checked in at 9pm, threw our cold stuff in the fridge, unpacked & went to bed. Got up for a quick breakfast and found warm milk and OJ…yuck! Happened to my DIL’s too.


You would think they would advise you to turn your fridge on at check-in. That would save them LOTS of headaches, because I am sure you guys weren’t the only ones that had food spoil.


One would think…maybe they are now. This happened last December and when we went back in March, the fridges were off and they didn’t warn us. A little note ON the fridge would be nice too…


Oh, something else you might want to consider bringing…extra kitchen garbage bags. They never give you enough…always a small garbage can with a tiny bag. Um, for a week that AIN’T gonna cut it! Just bring a couple.


Yep, we take those too…and Zip-Loc bags…never know when they’ll come in handy for leftovers, wet swimsuits when you pack to go home, etc…or at the park…DH carries one in his pocket in case he goes on a ride that doesn’t agree with him.:blow: :ohmy: hasn’t had to use one yet, but he’s a good scout and always prepared!:laugh:


GOOF FAM, I take baggies with me on EVERY vacation…in EVERY size!!! I have a gallon size baggie filled with sandwich size baggies, quart size baggies and gallon size baggies all packed and ready to go at a moments notice! Oh, and FREEZER baggies are best…they are thickest. :laugh:

(Dana, see??? I DO pack somethingin advance!!! LOL…:laugh:)


Ok, so here is what I gather I need… Garbage bags, zip lock bags, Coffee and Coffee filters, paper towels!

Everything else is present and accounted for correct? Dish soap, Sponges (is it a new one or used, cause that would have to be replaced!!!), Napkins and plastic cutlery always come in handy! We are on the dining plan so I don’t think we will be eating in the room too much, more like just snacking! The corkscrew is already there correct, and what about wine glasses?

Sorry, I just need to confirm the details!


If you plan on doing ANY eating in your room, I’d bring a couple of knives and forks with you. The ones they supply in the room are REALLY cheap and break easily. I know from experience. :mad:


Do you mean from home or can I bring just sturdy plastic ones? My kids will probably eat breaskfast, (cereal and Bagels) in the room, and like I have posted in other threads, we plan on sitting out on the balcony with some wine and cheese , but minor stuff only!


Looks like you have it covered, if I can’t remember about the corkscrew, never used one there. We just unscrew the wine top & pass the bottle!:laugh: :laugh: It’s midnight before we get back to the room at night, so no need for wine, once we hit the sheets we’re out like a light…no winding down time needed in our group! :redface:


Yeah, bring sturdy plastic ones from home! Not your regular silverware…and you’ll be straight!