What do y'all think of late Christmas gift for the Mrs.?


Since we are going in January this year as opposed to December, I told Vanna that her gifts will be a lil late.

Right now we are set to stay at SSR, but I am gonna call DVC MS later today and see if we can switch to BWV. Anyway, regardless of where we stay I am going to get her some time at the spa at the resort cuz she is working 2 jobs now and I know she is exhausted all the time.

I am also looking to get tickets to La Nouba.

Does that sound like a decent plan?


That sounds like a great idea! She’ll love the BWV and I have a feeling she’ll really love the spa time!


Not bad. Spa & cirque? Who wouldn’t love it?!??


Sounds wonderful. It’s nice of you to think about how hard your wife is working. Get the tickets to Cirque, you’ll love it.


King! you dog! I do the same thing. DW loves the spa at SSR.

And La Nubia? way cool. PM me and I’ll ell you my secret all time boss mouse cool guy seats to get.


If we end up finding a home to buy in the next couple months, that will probably be our last trip for some time. I may have to book next year’s points DOH


KingoMiami, that is really a nice idea.:cool: She’s going to be so thankful for such a thoughtful husband.:wub::wink::blush:


Thats a great idea and she will love La Nouba, it is an amazing show! Try and make a dinner reservation for before or after the show somewhere downtown, make a really nice ‘date’ like evening of the whole thing!


Girls really appreciate the effort… now can someone clue in my poor husband?

That sounds like a lot of fun! Any girl would appreciate the spa and show tickets. Good idea for the surprise too!


Sounds a great Christmas gift! Spa treatments are the best!


Okay, King…can I change my ressies and come down for a late Christmas too? Sounds great and I think Vanna will love it!!


Spa & cirque sounds amazing. I got us Cirque tickets last time we went in December as an early Christmas gift for my folks, and they LOVED it. And if your wife is like every other woman in earth, she’ll love the spa!!! :wub:


What a great DH you are!!! She will LOVE it!