What do you do the week before you leave?


OK, I have about 12 days left until I leave for Disney. What are the things you do the week before you leave? What phonecalls do you make, what documents do you make sure you have, how early do you pack, etc.

I appreciate the advice.


Make sure you stop your mail, I always almost forget to do this!


Oh, and your news paper. We always shut off the water supply to our toilets, one time we didn’t and had a leak while we were gone. Confirm all your reservations. Put all documents reservation numbers in an envelope in a safe place. make sure you make a list, and pack everything you won’t need before you leave. I have more, let me think and I will get back to you.


… I make a million copies of my itinerary, each one with the tiniest details checked and rechecked, even though only about half of it will happen the way I planned! LOL!


And to make your house even safer while you are gone, it’s recommended you unplug appliances. You never know when something may spark. :eek:

Also if you plan on sending postcards, it’s nice to have a master address list in hand, so you don’t have to try to remember them.

And if you have a cell phone, don’t forget the charger! I hate when I do that…


12 days to go and you havn’t packed yet??? :eek: J/K - By now I would be getting my carry on ready (because I bring this to the park since we check in and hop on the bus!!)…checking my lists for any last minutes items that I need to buy…don’t forget to double check your flight - if you are flying. Have Fun!!


Sorry, I do not know if you have children but I also bring recent pictures of my children just in case they were to get lost :eek: ( my nickname with one of our dear friends is the “Safety Girll” LOL) :happy:


Oh my gosh! Me too! :laugh:


Along the same lines as what Maria and Faith were saying…if you have a digital camera take a picture of your child before you leave for the parks each day and that way you will remember what they were wearing…Thank God I have never had this experience myself but I know how nervous and upset I would be and might not remember all the details. Also, I was thinking that when my son is old enough to walk in WDW (hoefully not for a few years!) I may pin an “information sheet” inside the back of his shirt!!!


This may often be overlooked but it makes sense to me. One thing I start doing about two weeks before is taking extra vitamins. Sometimes with the stress of planning, travel, etc your immune system can be down. I used to get sick at all these inopportune times. The vitamins seem to help.

Hmm, what else? I just get my laundry together. I don’t pack until about 2 days before, and I make sure I have all my paperwork.


double check everything. triple check …count the days … dance around singing … tell everyone I see that I will be at WDW in a week.


Don’t forget to get on DC frequently and squeal about how low your countdown is!! The “Happy Dance” is very important to get that Disney energy goin’!!!


Ditto…and I don’t look at dhoughton’s avatar…because it scares me. :tongue:


A week before I leave? hmm WEll, I call and check all reservation numbers to make sure everything is in order. I also check my ADR’s/PSes and make sure that’s all as should be. I am usually packed by now, but sometimes have some last mintue, every day items to wash and toss in the cases and do that a week out. I also make a check list and check that I have everything. This list is not to be mistaken for the actual packing list…that’s seperate of course. Stop the mail, newspaper etc of course if you have to. I don’t cause my parents get it for me. Start checking the weather too. You will have an accurate weather forcast now and change any packing to go with that. Don’t forget any prescriptions anyone in your house takes regularly…if they are running out, call the doctor and get a refill. Bring cold meds too…it’s that time of year and better safe than sorry.


Aww, R2G–it’s just our sweet fuzzbutt Screme Brulee aka Pin-toes–he is just wearing his Santa hat and trying to get to HB because she has his treats!! :wink:


Looks more like getting ready to hurt someone that dosen’t hand over the treats.

And landry…get your last boudin before you leave. I didn’t see any in WDW :wink:


I love boudin, but it’s more like gumbo weather right now!!!


No kidding…what’s up with the cold…Christmas is to be warm and rainy here. :wink:


no kidding Saturday nearly 90 here …today or at least by this evening we could see sleet !! its them dern northen cold fronts … like yankees that go south for the winter grin …mmmm wonder if my neighbor is making gumbo for supper tonight …she is cajun :slight_smile: and makes that good gumbo


[QUOTE=tinkerbell]… like yankees the go south for the winter grin /QUOTE]

Hey I resemble that remark! I’m gonna be one of them northerners that winters in FL. Hoepfully that’ll be sooner rather than later.