What do you do to save?


What kinds of things do you do to save money for your trip?

I babysit,sell on Ebay,make low cost meals, shop at consignment stores, christmas shop early when there are sales, stay home so I dont waste gas money (this time especially) Bargain shop for everything to name a few…:blink:


All change goes into my Disney jar, which NO ONE is allowed to touch. When full, I deposit into my Disney savings account. Also, all my mileage expense checks from work get deposited into my Disney account. It amazingly adds up fast!


I usually book our vacations a year in advance so that I have time to save up. First, I pay off the hotel. Then, I pay for the park tickets. Then our food budget, and last our spending money. It is alot more managable when you do a little at a time. DH never pay full price for anything if we can help it. We like to have nice things but also like a good bargain. It may take longer to get what we want at the cheaper price, but that means more money to spend having fun.


For the bulk of our Upcoming September 2007 trip I am working a 2nd job and all of those $'s will go to WDW to pay for the room, tickets & food (I am counting on free food again next year though) Then DH and I put every single coin in a WDW jar that I have had since my first trip to WDW. Also, I put $1 a day in that same jar and we cash that jar in the week before we leave. We once saved close to $800!

One final thing, I quit smoking so now I am putting the ciggerette money in the jar. We should have more than enough spending money come September '07!

Lisa :mickey:


I opened up an ING account online and have $$ transferred from my checking account weekly. You can adjust the amount and how often the withdrawal is made. The plus is that you gain interest while the $$ is sitting and waiting.

I also collect any spare change and $$ that my DH has left in pants pockets for the washing. Most of the time he dosen’t even miss it.

The good thing is that you can plan far enough in advance so you have an idea of what the cost will be.

P.S. Lisalovesmickey, Congrats on quitting smoking!! As a former smoker, I can say I feel so much better and healthier now. Hang in there!


I have a change jar that I keep all my change in. I never use exact change while paying for something and at the end of every day, I throw all my change into my “disney bank”. It’s adds up after awhile and is usally equal to at least one day’s spending money. Not bad for a bunch of change. That and I just don’t buy anything…lol


I don’t do anything major in my daily life but I stick $100 in my Disney fund each month when I get paid. Any extra check (subbing at school during my prep or a workshop) I get gets cashed and put in the Disney fund. We also save all our change in a jar, by the end of the year we have between 200-300 dollars. Any left over money from one trip gets put back in the fund to start the next trip.


This is exactly what I do. I have money direct deposited from my paycheck into my ING account. I’ve paid for two trips this way.


I did the whole change jar thing. It worked for a while, until I started getting money out for drinks while at work.

I did the envelope thing. That stopped when hurricane season came around last year, and I needed that extra few hundred dollars for supplies.

I also started putting money in the safe. Then I realized just how much my Native American blood likes alcohol. So that started going towards my regular trips to the bar. :tongue:

So yeah… I just keep everything in my regular account, and budget my regular spending. :laugh:


Nothing. I’m not going to live like a hermit just to afford a vacation. Doesn’t seem worth it to me. I mean, I might have to forgo eating out a few times or something like that but that’s about it.

Now, having said that, I have no children and I’m sure it’s different for those with kids.


I might do some extra home care visits, but besides that, we just take money out of the savings account


My husband’s rich.

Just kidding…:laugh:

I wouldn’t call me “cheap”, but I love to save money. To me it’s almost like a challenge and a game. As my kids have gotten older and moved on, I’ve been trying to lower my weekly food budget. My goal is less than $100 a week - and yes, I have done it. If it was a chore I wouldn’t, but I love trying to better it every week. I allow myself $150. a week for groceries and whatever is left over I put into a high interest savings account. I buy in bulk when something’s a bargain. I cannot remember the last time I bought clothes full price. It wouldn’t be fun to get something beautiful full-price. It’s the thrill of the hunt. And all my savings go into our vacation fund.

And, of course, my husband’s rich.

No, he’s not…:laugh:


I carefully keep a Richard Nixon mask in a hidden draw in my house. A few weeks before our trip, I put on the mask and go around to the local gas stations with a big bag and a plastic gun. I usually collect enough funds that way to pay for the trip.


We must have been seperated at birth! That is me too- I bought a BJ’s membership so that only the stuff I know is worth in bulk I can get and I will see something on mega clearance and buy all that they have because I know Ill use it- I also try to keep the meat purchases to less than $50 a week and then I get the rest of the groceries at a store called “Priceright” (my daughter calls it the spanish grocery store since all the workers speak spanish to eachother so she starts and ends our trip by saying Ola to everyone) you have to bag it yourself but you can get a months worth of meal pieces (pasta-jelly- pb- bread@.33 a loaf etc…) for less than $200 so I do this once a month. Its not easy since its over a half hour away but so worth it!!!

I just bought a convertable car seat for the baby at a consignment shop for $40 and its one that absolutely looks like new!!! I priced the same one and it was $200 go me go me go me


Everyone loves a wiseguy!!! you nut!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I thought he was serious.:glare:


My DS sells Cheez Its for 10 cents each to raise spending money. I won’t let him go public yet since he says he won’t give change if you don’t have exact change.


I make Mom buy me ramen to eat!Yum…ramen…It’s good food, fast food, cheap food!I likeseded my ramen!No touchie my ramen!And we put all our extra money into the Disney fund!Although some people tend to withdraw from that fund, so we have to re-hide it every time.


Cavey And Boss ‘Saving’ for their next trip.


What is this ING account you all are talking about? How do you set one up?