What do you guys think?


It’s quite some time until I get to go back and enjoy the magic…January 2008 (boy does that seem like forever!!)…but of course I’ve already started a little bit of planning.

We usually take quite a few family members with us when we go, and to fit everyone’s budget, we normally choose an Allstar or PC. However, my father just called me with an optional plan for the next trip…renting a house off property. My first thought was utter disbelief that he would suggest NOT staying on property!!! But then I looked at the house online (beautiful, and it sleeps 14!!) and was amazed at how affordable it was during January ($550…split between 3 families…now that’s cheap!).

What do you think? Will some of the magic disappear without the fabulous Disney resorts (bus service, EMH, and all?), or is staying off property just as wonderful?


This is a toughy. I have good friends who are just as nutty about Disney as we are(ok, maybe not as nutty, but close) and they have stayed off site in a house their last 2 trips. They really enjoy the extra space & the extra cash, too. They feel they have stayed on property enough to do it this way. I am torn. If it meant staying longer, or getting to eat at more restaurants, then, its probably a good idea.

I am of no help, I know!


Having never stayed “on property” I will say I’ve always had a blast and didn’t loose any of the magic. But you may feel a difference having always stayed at a Disney property. Either way I think you’ll have a blast. Got for it!


Sorry - I’m not going to be any help either. We always start off our holiday at a Marriott Timeshare so my dh can golf with his buddies - and I spend my entire time counting down the minutes until I get back to OKW. A house DOES make a lot of sense - our neighbours did this and loved it - but they’re not Disney nuts. But along with the benefits of a house, you have to remember the drawbacks. Travel time, no early entry, no being able to leave the parks and hop back to the resort for a break. At least you have a lot of time to try and decide…


That’s what I’m worried about! I love EMH! I also enjoy not having to “drive” anywhere. Also, this will be the first trip for my new baby, so he’ll be 2, and I’m nervous about not having that “go back to the room” option.

However…the house option may open up the possibility of some of our family members joining us, that wouldn’t normally because of the cost.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to decide!!! Aghhh!! :happy:


You know, until the 2 year old part, I was thinking the house would be a good idea, but having taken a 3 year old, you need to get back to the room quickly sometimes when the overstimulation hits, so I think on-site is better for your needs.


I read and thought the EXACT SAME THING. With a baby, getting back to the resort easily and quickly is invaluable. Perhaps you could stay at a resort and just meet up with the others.


I’ve never stayed off site so I don’t know…but I do know it is so very nice to be IN Disney. :smile:


Being able to get back to our rooms quickly was always why we opted for on site. I guess it depends on how far off site the house would be. I just don’t like the thought of giving up the extra magic hours either. See I said I was no help.


That’s not a bad idea! Why didn’t I think of that? :happy:

I think you guys are right about occasionally needing to get back to the hotel pronto…this will be my first time with a toddler :pinch: .


Hey, how is that baby boy??


I think it’s in town called Davenport…supposedly 8 miles from Disney, but I’ve never heard of it!

And your tons of help!!! :happy:


He’s so awesome!! Growing like a weed!

Thanks for asking!! :happy:


I can’t imagine not staying onsite with a small child, unless you plan on going for so long that short days aren’t a problem.

Of course, with more family members, that also means more help with the baby. I know that for me personally, Caisley would be fine out all day, as long as someone was willing to hold her if she is tired.

So, I guess it’s still all about personal preference. If more family can go, and that is the most important to you, then the house is it, hands down!
If the 2 year olds comfort is the most important thing, then stay on site! :tongue:


I’m glad you’re back and posting and stuff! :c)


You won’t know unless you try. You’ll be in a big beautiful house with friends and family. What do you have to loose??


Always on property for us. We like that 24/7 immersion. :slight_smile:



Since you have lots of time to plan, you may want to look into renting points from a DVC member.
This way you could stay on site.


Did you stay in a rented home or hotel when you went?


Thanks Erin! It’s so great to be back!


I haven’t looked into that…I really have some research to do!!!