What do you pay when you upgrade tickets?


We bought our DS and DDIL 6 day park hopper tickets in July (before price jump) from undercover tourist. They added one day and was charged 19 dollars. If you look online the difference between the 6 and 7 day is 5 bucks. However I don’t know how much the tickets jumped from July. Could disney have charged the difference between the pre price increase and the now 7 day ticket?


best to call,and ask but there shouldn’t be that much difference …but once you get to 7-9 days it starts looking more like AP time …NO…


When do the price increases take effect for 2011, or have they already been put into place? We are going July 2011 and if they haven’t increased yet, I will suggest to all to purchase them now.


Well, what happened was I had paid x amount in July for 6 day tickets. I didn’t want to buy more days and have them not use them. My DS needed to upgrade to a 7 day ticket. For two tickets they charged him 19 bucks. I thought that sounded high but didn’t have any numbers handy. Then DS noticed today there was two charges of 19 bucks. That’s definitely not right. I know for sure the tickets didn’t go up that much. He called disney and after being transferred a zillion times, he is getting a credit of 27 dollars.