What do you think about the sequel to the Incredibles


i think the IncrediblesII will be great movie of the first incredibles.


wow…I haven’t heard about that yet…Incredibles II huh? I will have to check it out…


Hmmm…sounds like it could be cool!


Of all the Pixar movies, I think Incredibles lends itself to a sequel the best.

However, it would have to have some good new family issue / society dynamics incorporated as well to truly futhur the world presented in the first movie.


Thanks for the heads up about this, I think if it’s done well it could be a great movie.


Wow, I didn’t hear about this either! Incredibles is slowing becoming one of my husband’s top choices for movie watching. So much so, he had it permanently saved on our TiVo until I finally sprung and bought the DVD for him!


I can’t wait to hear more about this! The Incredibles is one of my FAVES! :wub:


They left some things open for a part two. There’s the whole jack-jack thing and all. I do hope they make it.


I think there are lots of possibilities for a sequel to the Incredibles! We’d go see it for sure! I like your new avatar Jeany!


First my thoughts on an Incredibles sequel: If it can be done as well as Toy Story 2 was I’m all for it, especially since I love to help Frozone out in the parks and more publicity is better.

Now, my thoughts on the possibility: Don’t look for it to happen anytime soon. Like posted in the other thread with Toy Story 3 being canned, I don’t see any Disney-Pixar sequels in the works until everyone gets their feet settled with this new transition of power. Lasseter is a great guy with a good head on his shoulders, but he also understands the importance of animation in Disney history and how it shouldn’t be cheapened with a quick and hopefully money-making sequel. I do believe only the original parties who made the first should be making any sequel. They won’t be in a rush to make a new one.

To show the seriousness of this, they just canned the Rapunzel: Unbraided project. 20 million dollars has already been spent on this film, and it’s gone. Over. If Disney’s gonna make animated films again, it’s going to DO IT THE RIGHT WAY.


Thumbs up in approval!!! I’m sorry, but Rapunzel was dumbest idea ever. We have the book, don’t mess it up with a movie. Some things just need remain in text only.

Incredibles. Can you believe I’ve never seen it? :ninja: I’m not a ‘super heroes’ kinda person, so I just stayed away. But I have heard the rumors about a sequel. Yeah… I didn’t really add anything. :glare:


one word: KEWL!!

love the incredibles movie. :wub:


What about a Bug’s Life sequel? :huh:

Just kidding.


I don’t think that’s funny. :crying:


I loved Bugs Life!!

But, The Incredibles 2 sounds wonderful! I Hope it happens!!!


I knew this would happen with the Incredibles, what with that mole man at the end…
I hope it’s good! But Disney sounds like it’s trying to get it’s animation act together, so I have high hopes!


Um guys, where are ya’ll getting ya’lls information about an sequel to this awesome movie? I’ve not found anything about one, and like I posted earlier, there may not be one, at least for a LONG time. Pixar has got to get settled with it’s new home first, and the people who worked on the first one have to get back together or John Lasseter may not allow it to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to see an Incredibles sequel, but the reality of the matter, as far as I’m aware, is that it won’t happen for a while. That’s just the way things are going to be ran with animated films now.

After all, Walt Disney loathed and despised sequels. As long as he was in charge hardly ever a sequel came out of the studios. And John Lasseter is a big animation traditionalist, and so is Iger. Eisner only saw dollar signs when he had all these sequels made.

So please, if ya’ll have something I don’t that’s for sure and not rumored, I’m anxious to know where I can read about it because I really loved that film.


It’s all rumor. I googled it last night, using a bunch of key words. Total speculation, simply because the ending is open.


Good. That’s what happened when I googled. No matter. After all, we gotta get geared up for Cars first!!!


My apologies for highjacking, but is Cars going to be released soon? I know they went back and reworked it some. I thought it looked really cute!