What do you think the funnest ride in all of disney is?


I would definantly say the Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster

(I did this because I want to try out new rides I haven’t been on)

                 Thanks;) :D :)


For pure, unadulterated fun, my husband and I just loved Splash Mountain. The whole thing is just so happy and silly and joyful! We went on it over and over again, just because it made us feel so darned happy!

But of course, this all depends on what your definition of “fun” is!



Well, I haven’t been to Disneyland Tokyo, but excluding that, I would have to say either Matterhorn or Space Mountian in Paris. Between the two, I think I would choose the Matterhorn. I grew up riding it, and I just can’t get enough each time I go. There is just something about riding those bobsleds through the mountain. I miss the skyway that went through the mountain though, that added to the fun.

A little scary, a lot of fast fun.


Thanks guys I’ll try those!:angel


Rock and Rollercoaster is good. I like Buzz lightyear because my family is so competative. Test track is also one of my favorite rides. I have not been on Splash Mountain for several years.
We are going in June and I want to do all the rides again.


I have only been to WDW so here is my list:

Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster - fun, loud and to short :slight_smile:
Buzz lightyear - being color blind I had a hard time hitting anything. But I loved every minute of it!
Splash Mt., Space Mt. - You have to love the Mt’s. I have to say the Splash Mt. is the better entertainment. Both are great.

Of the movie’s Hand down A Bug’s Life!
Movie rides - Star Wars ties with [I]Count Down to Extinction/I.

Anyway it’s all good at WDW! :slight_smile:


I think Splash Mountain is the funnest ride, all the singing and dancing is so fun, and then the big drop is even funner.
For a show, I think it is Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It is just so fun and funny to watch, and it is also one of my favorite shows on television.


Jungle Cruise…I mean where else can you dodge child eating snakes, explore hidden temples, make a deal with a head hunter, shamefully look at elephants as they takes baths(they have their trunks on remember), travel the rivers of the world in like 5 minutes, and the best part…enjoy the many jokes from your skipper…“don’t worry kids, the zebra is just sleeping and the lions are just protecting it.”…I love that ride…and want to work there someday sooooooo bad!


I think Splash Mountain is the funnest ride. It puts a smile on my face thinking about the music, the scenery and that huge drop.


We absolutely adore Splash Mountain - It has some of the best characters and storyline and then that fabulous plummet at the end. So many rides at WDW and elsewhere are either “story rides” or thrill rides. I get both out of Splash.
Now for thrill rides, I love California Screamin’ at DL!


I’d have to vote for ToT, simply because the imagineering is so perfect on that ride. However I would love to go and check them all again just to be sure!



Definitely Splash Mtn! And Country Bears too… singing country critters are the best! lol!


I remember when Dw and I went on Splash Mountain for the first time, we laughed, and I mean laughed around every corner and bend. To this day I remember how we had tears in our eyes. Now we go on with our DS, one is to small yet, but still have a great time every trip down the Splash.
Also the Primeval Whirl over at AK is lots of fun.


Haunted Mansion!!!


I thought it said the funniest…sorry.
I cange my answer to

MK- Haunted Mansion
AK - kali River
Epcot - MS


California Screamin’ :noo: and the Indiana Jones ride :ohmy: at DL are fantastic!! And At WDW Buzz Lightyear makes our whole family almost wet our pants with laughter when we ride it!! :tongue: The best time was when I got a higher score than my Video game junkie son. It was only once, but I will never let him forget it!! :mickey: :mickey:


Haunted Mansion (I would say Splash Mt, but I’ve only seen that on video, looking forward to riding it for the first time in Dec.). HM has wonderful theming, special effects, funny tombstones, and the greatest ghosts in the world (all 999 of them!) HM is the best!!!


Don’t have to think twice. It’s Rock 'n Roller Coaster for me. It makes me so happy, I can’t help but smile all through it.


My vote for the most fun is Tower of Terror - I just love the feeling of anticipation and I can’t keep the scream in once we get going - I’m the loud one screeching her head off!

OMGosh - the Primeval Whirl - I laughed so hard I was crying the first time I went on that - something about all the twisting and turning had me in stitches!!


I can’t pick just one. I’d have to say ToT and Rockin’ Roller Coaster at MGM. Test Track and Mission Space at Epcot. Space Mountain and Splash Mountain at MK. Kali at AK. It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few rides I love all the rides.