What do you think the funnest ride in all of disney is?


Can’t pick just one - we love ToT, Splash Mtn. Buzz Lightyear, Haunted Mansion and Primevil Whirl is so much fun when I ride it with my 2 DSs.


Space Mountain…Rock N’ Roller Coaster…Mission Space!!!


for my family the funnest ride has to be POTC with HM a close second. since DS#1 and DW are not into thrill type of ride we as a family enjoy these sooo very much. with DS#2 i have to say that we had the most fun on Splash Mtn


I am going to have to go with the Rock n Rollercoaster. The rush from that take-off is PURE fun!! :flowers:


i must be weird…but splash mtn. is probaly my least favorite mountain…i dunno maybe its the whole “water” effect…or it could possibly be that last time i was there i waited for two hours in a line that was only “35” min wait…and in front of me were…nine…thats nine…screaming five year olds…
but my vote with out a doubt it ToT…i rode that ride six times last time i was there…RnR comes in a close second…ive never been to “Who wants to be a millionaire” because it was closed last time but ohhhhhhhhh my god…ill totally be there next time…asap


holy crap i forgot space mountain…my favorite ride of all time…ohoh…and buzz lightyear man that rides awesome…peter pan…that rides fun too…ok i vote for all of them except splash mountain and the hall of presidents…


I am amazed that no one has mention TEST TRACK yet. That is my all time favorite. Every time we go on it, we are laughing so hard, its like we rode it for the first time!

I would imagine my DS’s would have to say Space Mountain. We finally talked them into going on it last year (after hours of begging them to try). Last we counted that trip, they went on it 34 times!


I agree w/you completely. That is exactly what I would have picked.


EmpressJenny -
We are going to have to meet up one day - you seem to be one of the few who love the HM like I do!! I love that ride and my family is lukewarm about it. I think it’s hilarious!!!


Definitely! We got so lucky on our wedding anniversary Sept. 20th we got into the MK right at opening and went straight to Haunted Mansion. There was no one there, and when they shut the doors as soon as we entered the first parlor we were the ONLY ONES in there! It was the most amazing thing in the world to be in the Haunted Mansion alone. Made it a lot more haunted for us!


I bet that was kinda creepy!! It would be cool, though.



I have to add to my choices Soarn and EE.

I just can’t pick one!!

(by the way my post on the first page is my first post on DC/MB)



Hall of Presidents


For scary, silly fun I love Splash Mountain.

For the WOW factor I love Soarin’.


The tram from the parking lot is pretty good.


I would have to say Experdition Everest for me


The Wedway People Mover is nice.


I think Cavey is off his meds again.


We laugh every time we ride Splash Mountain, even if it is 5 times a day…in MK, I believe it is my kids’ favorite, while my DH loves Space Mtn. I also love that Thunder Mountain Railroad…I guess we are a MTN family all the way around…At HS, we go between ToT and RNR frequently, but RNR can give us a bad headache if you dont hold your head back tight to the seat…AK is EE all the way! Epcot - well Epcot isnt exactly an exciting ride location, but my kids love TT, me, not so much. I guess Soarin’ is cool, but I have waited the entire Extra Magic Hours to ride it, and that is not magic :pinch:


Space Mountain is the best