What do you think?


I was able to get most of the reservations i wanted! I called like crazy, i think they knew my voice.

We are on the dining program. My dh has a conference every am. So i’m paying for the character breaksfast (dh has no interest to do it). I’m using the table service every night for dinner.

But here is the problem. My dd would like to eat at the sci fi.

Here is what i have
mon - hollywood vine with show
fri - prime time

Or i could switch to
mon sci fi
friday brown derby

I guess my quesiton is, is the brown derby worth 2 credits?
What would you do?


The Hollywood Brown Derby is excellent, maybe the best restaurant in any of the 4 theme parks. I don’t know if it’s worth 2 off the DP though. It’s such a tough call, because it is a good meal, great atmosphere and service. But using 2 means that there is one more sit-down on WDW property that you won’t get to try with the DP.

I ate at HBD by using one off the dining plan, because of a mistake on Disney’s part. I was happy with that turn of events. But now, after having been there, I don’t think I’d use 2 off the DP for it in the future.


If you can go for the Brown Derby, I definitely would. I have heard nothing but excellent things about this place. I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford to pay cash there, so I think it would definitely be worth it to use 2 DDP credits!

Have you considered going to the Sci-Fi just for dessert, like a milkshake or something? A lot of people say the food isn’t really worth it, but the atmosphere is fun so it’s better to go for just an appetizer or dessert. That way you could fulfill your hubby’s wish without using a DDP credit.


Do Hoop De Doo Revue!! Definatley worth 2 credits!!!


Ive had such a change of heart lately. I used to say why use 2 when you are loosing a whole meal. Now Im thinking, Hey you are on vacation, go for the Derby if you want it!


I think going to Sci-Fi for a dessert is a great idea!