What do you think?


Sooo, I am about a month away from a trip to WDW with my two former roommates and their family. Some of you may remember that I posted a thread about where we should stay. In the end, I decided we should just stick with the original choice of Pop Century. I am excited to cross another resort off the list of places I’ve stayed!

Anyway, I have listed our basic plans below and would love any input. There are 7 of us traveling. 5 twenty to thrity something ladies, a four year old and my roommates’ mom, who is in her 50s. We have 2 rooms at the Pop, arriving 11/12 and leaving 11/16 with free dining (we upgraded to the regular dining).

11/12 - Roommates and I arrive from Boston at 10:40, ME to hotel, check in, head to DTD for some lunch at Earl. Rest of the crew arrives at 1:40 from Kansas City, ME to hotel, check in. We will meet them there and they will either grab something to eat at the Food Court or wait until later. Everyone heads to DHS for some attractions, Fantasmic at 6:30 and Osborne Lights.

11/13 - Breakfast in Food Court, Animal Kingdom in the morning. Dinner at 1900 Park Fare with Cinderella at 4:55. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party from 7 - 12 or as long as we last!

11/14 - Breakfast at Cape May Cafe. Daytime at Epcot. Dinner at Whispering Canyon. Spectromagic.

11/15 - Breakfast at hotel. Daytime at MK. Dinner at Tony’s Town Square. DTD after dinner. Maybe EMH for a few of us at DHS later.

11/16 - Early morning ME back to the airport and home to Kansas City and Boston.

We want to get in as much as possible but I also don’t want to wear these people out. It is the first trip for the four folks coming from Kansas City. Also, it is my old roommate’s 30th birthday while we are there. I am wondering if I should order a cake for dinner on 11/14 or have something delivered to the room instead since we get dessert included with the dining plan.


I am also wondering about the best way to get to Cape May for breakfast. Normally, I would just take the boat to Epcot, walk through the park and out through the International Gateway over to the Beach Club but I don’t want everyone to be tuckered out from a long walk to start the day. Would I be better off going to DHS and taking the boat from there to the Beach Club?


Sounds like a great plan! I can’t wait to hear what you think about Cape May’s breakfast. It is one of our favorites. We usually plan for our Cape May breakfast days to begin at DHS, and we ride the boat to the Beach Club. Have fun!!


I think they plans are well thought out and should work out fine. People can take breaks if they get wore out and who wants to hang out still can. It’s nice to have an idea of what you are going to do and then go with the flow if things change once there. I like your plans. It’s going to be a great time.


I think that sounds like a good plan – lots of good stuff. As for your route to Cape May, transferring at DHS for the launch may add some time to the commute, but I think that’s a nice, relaxing way to get there. Have a great time!


I think having something delivered to the room may be the way to go. If your friend has a birthday button on, there’s a good chance the restaurant will bring over a complimentary birthday cupcake anyway.:happy:


Thanks for the input everyone. I love planning WDW trips but for some reason this one is stressing me out since I will be traveling entirely with someone else’s family. I’ve planned trips with groups of friends before, trips with extended family and trips FOR extended family that I didn’t actually go on, just did all the planning but have never planned for another family and traveled with them. LOL Should be interesting!


I think your plans look good. Anyone who needs a break can head back to the resort or find a quiet spot to relax. I would get to the BC through HS. The dock is close to the bus stop so no one will feel like they walked miles through Epcot to get to breakfast. If you walk through Epcot you have to take the time to go through the bag check and scan your tickets then you risk someone wanting to stop off “for just a second” in a shop several times on your way through the park.


they will defer to you for suggestions… just have fun!


I think you may have met my traveling partners! I didn’t even think about the “quick stop to shop” but they are HUGE shoppers. When I went to WDW with just my roomies (it is their family we are going with) I actually had to split up from them one afternoon because I couldn’t stand to shop anymore.

I think we will definitely do DHS and the boat to avoid dilly dallying!