What does 100 days mean?


When I made out resort reservation the CM said I can make ADRs 90 days before PLUS TEN. Does that mean I can make them 100 days before our first day of arrival?


The 90 day mark is your first day, and ten days is from that starting day. So you make your ADR’s ten days from that first day of your arrival.


Yes. It means that you can make ADRs starting at 90 days from the day of your check in, plus for ten consecutive days after that. You call and say, for MOnday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc… It helps to do it all in one phone call.
If you are staying for 14 days, you would have to wait to call back to do those other 4 days. This only applies if you are staying on property. If not, you would have to call back for every reservation at 90 days, or a phone call for every day that you are staying at the parks (one week=7 phone calls). Does that help? It really is a perk for people staying on site. With the new reservation system, they can actually see if you are staying where you say you are staying.


Thanks guys:) I feel stupid now, I was wishfull thinking that if you stayed on WDW property you get an extra ten day. Oh well.
What are my chances of getting dinner at Le Cellier? Any helpfull suggestions?


call right at 90 days- first thing in the morning. Good luck…


You’re 1 day from doing the Double Digit Dance!


Call at 90 days. You may not get LeCellier at 90 days, but the +10 days should help. I would make that the first ADR I made if it is that important to you.


Thanks for the info on the 14 days issue. This will be our first 14 day stay and I was hopeful they would let me book them all at the 90 day point but not holding my breath.

Good Luck with Le Cellier - I’ve been really lucky, always getting a booking but the key is to be flexible with your day and time. This is usually our first or second priority so I just ask for an “around supper time” booking any day during our stay. Last year I nailed a 6 PM booking for 7 - Score! :laugh:

Once the priorities are in place I book the rest of my ADR’s around them.


I know…hehehehehe. I can’t believe it went by so fast. Your lucky to be going around halloween. MNSSHP? Hope your fitting this in:)


We go every October for the Food and Wine Festival and we always do the MNSSHP. Yes we plan to “fit it in” again this year.