What does advance check-in do for you?


It says that I can check-in up to 10 days in advance, but I don’t understand what this does? Will it save me time once we get to the resort? Does it limit us in our choice of room, or doesn’t it matter? We requested connecting rooms, so will it allow us to double check this request?


I didn’t know you could do resort check in online- so I am interested to know what other mb’ers will tell us about this service, and is it worth doing?


nada…for us.

we go during the slow season…so no lines at check in anyway. i had to re-request ground floor room. so it didn’t save us anytime at all.

i won’t bother with advance online check in anymore.


I am not sure how it helps either. I am sure that there are some times when there is a line, but we usually get there late, and it does not help us.

Basically, you get to “check in” by giving them your credit card for the incidental charges, and then when you get there, you just go pick up your welcome packet. I am sure that it helps them process those cards faster, and I appreciate the option, but it has never helped us…


When I was checking in at BLT, and did not use on-line check in, I had one person ahead of me in line. I look over at the on-line check in line, and at least 6 families are in line there. It didn’t seem any faster either because the person who was picking up their packet had a whole bunch of questions for the cm, so the line didn’t move.


We did the online check in in December and I will continue to do it! We got to POFQ and there were 4 families in line in the regular check in line. We walked up to the online check in line and the woman asked our name and then handed us our folder. It was all ready for us. She asked us if we had any questions and we said no and were on our way. It took less than 2 minutes overall. I noticed the person behind us had a few questions, so they were sent to the concierge to answer them so the next people in line could be given their folder. It was very efficient!


Quick and easy! Package is ready to go, keys are printed. Out the door in 5 minutes - I love it! :heart:


Very Easy … No standing in line. All they want to know is what time you arrive and they go from there(On-line check in). Walk up to the on-line counter at the resort when you arrive and they’ll take care of you!!!


we used it last time it was very easy. there was a line in the reg. check in but we where done in about 5 to 10 minutes even with a room exchange to a different room only way to go.


How far in advance can you use the on-line check in?


Oh I’m liking the sound of this- sometimes after a 9 hr flight and the time zone difference, our heads are a little befuddled at check in, so if we could do this beforehand that would be great. Are you still able to request a particular building etc? or do you have to get what you are given?


That is the part that I am wondering about. We really do want connecting rooms because one of my DDs is staying in the room with my parents and the connecting rooms makes me feel like we are still all staying together. I also have two buildings that I do not want to be in at our resort so would like to discuss that with the CM at check in.


We got our requests and the room was ready when we got there (8 am) That was really cool.


in my experience, the lines at the actual check in counter have really made no difference as we get there really early and there’s not a lot of people checking in anyways. BUT what i HAVE noticed is, in the 5 or 6 times i’ve done online check in, even when booking the room the night before and going straight to online check in, if i put that we are arriving at like 7am, my rooms have been ALWAYS ready. when we went with my parents in september, i put we were arriving at 10am, we got there at 11am and my parents (who did not do online check in) got there at the same time and their room was not ready. the best though was when we went to BLT in january and i checked in saying we were going to be there a 7am, we got there about 8ish (because my lovely dh left the coffee pot on and we had to turn around halfway to disney) not only was our room ready but it was 12th floor!!! in my room request i had wrote “highest floor available” :slight_smile: my experience with online check in ahs been magnificent! or just plain lucky:)


We used online check-in last year. They had everything ready when we arrived. However we had made a request for a specific building and the had put us in a different one. Was able to change the rooms but the building we wanted was full. Turned out fine anyway and was easy to make the changes. I would say checking in early would work out great as long as you dont have any special requests, but if changes need to made when you get there Im not sure if it really saves you all that much time. It probably depends on how busy it is when you arrive. The online check-in lines do move faster and you would need to make the changes ether way. So I would say your wait time in line might be shorter. I would do it again. Give it a try, I don’t see where you would be worse off. Good luck!


Yes I think I will, I guess if we didnt get the building we would prefer, one could always ask if changing were possible. Thanks for all the advice though, much appreciated.


No guarentees anyways, so why not give it a try? My question is this… we are staying one night at Pop this coming October, the next a.m. we are checking in at Animal Kingdom. Do you think if I say we are arriving at 8 am we will have a room ready or do you think they will see the pop reservation and not have our room ready? I know noone has a crystal ball, but what do you think?


Did online check-in last month and loved it. However, I didn’t have any requests for anything, so maybe that made it easier. My room was ready when we got there at 11am and I think being an online check-in made that happen. Loved that I didn’t have to answer the credit card questions again for the billionth time, everything was ready to go and off we went to eat, swim and hit the parks.


Haven’t tried this before but will this next trip…hope it all goes smoothly!


ok so the question from me is: can you request a room or building when doing the online check in process??