What does everybody think of the boycott being called for?


Have you all heard about the requested boycott of ABC/related networks/Disneyworld/Disneyland?
Boycott ABC/Disney/Disneyland/Disneyworld (and that’s not the only website saying this. There’s news articles talking about it, and at least 1 email passing around.)
I’m going to watch the movie (“The Path to 9/11”) to make up my own mind.


First I have heard of this. I have no thoughts. I will have to look into it before I give an opinion.


There are some who are unhappy that ABC cut thirty minutes of the program due to complaints by the Clintons and other Democrats.

Since Disney owns ABC, I guess some people want to make ABC suffer.

I don’t mind, less people in the parks means more ride time for me.


Hey just a thought, but I’m a little more upset with the terrorists at this moment then politics, editing, and true or false stories.

People need to remember what tomorrow is about! Who cares about a show!

Luv y’all! Just had to vent!


I stand corrected.

Even though ABC cut 30 minutes of the three hour presentation, I guess there are some people who are unhappy that ABC is showing it at all.

No problems.

Even less people in the park this month to prevent maximum ridage…


I hadn’t seen this e-mail yet. I have no desire to see anything on tv or at the movies 9/11 related, its still too painful. This is not the first movie made about the events where the ‘truth’ has been dramatized. It’s not the first where profit will be made.

As for the orginization that has the link at the end of that craigslist posting, I don’t know who they are or what their political agenda is, and I really don’t care.

If I feel anything, it’s anger. And anger at ABC or any movie production company is misguided. If we want to be angry, be angry at the men that hijacked the planes and the orginization they belong to.


I never thought of that! :laugh:


I don’t have a problem with it, especially considering the fact that the same people whining about this miniseries are the ones who support Michael Moore who is a factually proven liar. Certain people harp about free speech constantly but that apparently only applies to speech that they agree with.

Hypocrisy sucks.

This topic really bugs me so I’ll leave it at that.


I so totally agree. I really couldn’t have said it any better myself. We all have our political views, but being angry toward one another doesn’t do us any good. Our anger really should be directed toward those who caused the events of 9/11, not one another.


I would love to stay neutral on this thread, but I really want to put a thumbs-up emoticon here…


Boycott = less people in parks = less line time for me! :laugh:

Actually, stuff like this doesn’t even make a dent.

And I think I heard on the radio last night that it was nowhere near 30 minutes cut. It was A LOT less.


i agree - the more people boycot - the less time i spend waiting to go on POTC…


I agree with you too hrbib, and I’m having just a hard of a time staying neutral on this as you are Joy.

Sad how the Clintons are deciding to make even this all about them, instead of focusing on the victims and the Muslim sub-humans that did this. Could it be guilt for the fact that this country became complacent and developed a lackadaisical atitude against terrorism under Clinton’s watch?


You had to get me started (somehow I knew you would)…

Why feel sorry for the victims when we can feel sorry for the Clinton’s? After all, they are being “unfairly” portrayed in the media. :crying::rolleyes: It’s heartbreaking really. Especially since the liberal media would never do that to anyone else, Bush especially. Oh the injustice, my heart just breaks for them. :glare:


You mean the liberal media that preaches tolerance? Unless, of course, your views don’t match theirs, then of course they have no tolerance for your opinion.

Are you and I actually agreeing on an issue Joy? Why, that never happens! :wink:

Now I’m taking odds as to how long this thread lasts. :laugh:


I watched the Path to 9/11 - thought it was a bit dry.
Also watched the one on CBS much more interesting


A political post?!! Wow, now I know what I’m going to do when I get to WDW, FIRST STOP, HALL OF PRESIDENTS!! That’s about as political as I want to be when I’m going on Vacation to WDW. :happy:


Ditto. Same. Zactly. I would like to thumbs-up as well.

Daisy also said it. Let’s remember where our anger should be directed, and not lot anyone distract us.


InGAMBa - you are right. Harsh, but right. :ninja:


And they (democrats) wonder why they can’t win major elections. I been a Democrat all my adult life which is over 40 yrs now and after this November I will register as either a Republican or Independent. The democrat party is no longer for the peolpe. They have done more harm to this country in the past 14 yrs than any party has in the past.