What does this mean?


My DSister just bought a lot of 37 pins off of ebay. She’s new to the whole trading thing, and bought them because there were quite a few Stitch pins in the collection. However, there was a statement on the auction that said:

There are 2 limited edition pins (1) 3 of 12 edition size 5000 and (1) edition size 750.

She called me to find out, and since I don’t know much about pins, I thought I’d ask you guys…What the heck does that mean? :happy:


I don’t know what the sizes mean, but the seller had a few grammatical errors, causing it to be a little confusing.

One pin is a special edition, #3 out of a set of 12, it is size 5000. The other pin is special edition, it is size 750.

Hope this helps! :happy:


A LE is a pin that wasn’t an open market pin. Like they don’t continue making it they only make a certain number. So when they say LE 5000 it means only 5000 of the pin were made. So LE 750 would be only 750 are made. Anything that is below LE 1000 is pretty rare. I have aboutt 10 LE pins one that is LE 250. When they say #3 out of a set they mean that this pin is part of a pin series that you can collect. This pin was #3 in the 12 pins in the series. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Thanks so much!!

Are these special edition pins marked in away, so we can tell which ones are the limited edition? It doesn’t say in the auction.


They will say on the back LE of 750 or whatever.


Ya like Karliebug said the pin will be stamped on the back with the disney copyright saying LE of whatever it is. You want to keep your LE’s they go up in value a lot ^_^.


Thank you guys so much!! Your always a big help!! :flowers: