What EMH do you enjoy the most?

  1. MGK, there’s enough to do. And you don’t repeat any rides. And let’s face it seeing the casle at 2am, dancing down mainstreet, and riding splash mountain 10 times when the nice CM lets you is a great experience that you’ll always remember.

  2. Animal Kingdom, it’s so hot during the day but at night you get to jump on all the rides and not worry about dying from heat. Plus, EE is so much more intense at night.

  3. HS riding ToT and RNR Coaster 97592759 times no line, need I say more?

  4. Epcot is last because the countries are cool but that’s really all you can do. :confused:

tell me your list!

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  1. MK hands down. Not having to get off the ride during the slow months is just too good. Plus, walking around with nobody in the park at a snail’s pace is just so relaxing.

  2. AK. Outside rides at night. If you are going to be out in the dark, you need to enjoy the evening.

  3. HS. Tower of Terror at night. Need I say more?

  4. Epcot. No outside rides except Test Track. But, Test Track at night and the view of the World Showcase without a crowd is great.


seems like we have the same outlook on EMH haha.


I think the EMH we’ve done the most is MK.
The Studios EMHs we’ve done still have half hour waits for the Coaster, although ToT can be 10-20 minutes most of the time.
Epcot for me often does not click because it’s usually tape Illuminations and then go to dinner, and Epcot’s EMH dining options are pitiful!
I don’t think we’ve ever done AK, but that’s a scheduling conflict with nighttime entertainment.


When I did EMH at HS this May we just bounced back to back no wait. It was awesome for us! Usually people bail on HS after an hour of EMH.

  1. Epcot
  2. MK
  3. DHS
  4. AK


For morning EMH’s my favorites are in order like this…

  1. MK
  2. HS
  3. AK
  4. Epcot

For night EMH it’s


Epcot is always going to be last for me because it’s not an EMH park for me and DD. WE can go there at rope drop and get in Soarin and Living Seas…that’s all we do in Future world now. We spend most of our time in the countries and dedicate full days to exploring the shops there…no EMH necessary for that.:laugh:


I haven’t done any of the EMH :eek: as of yet but this thread has given me some insight as to what to schedule for our upcoming trip in November. I think the parks we would definitely take advantage of this perk would be MK and HS.


MK is our favorite emh at night especially in the summer. We found the later we go the better it is. It really starts to thin out after 1 am.


My favorite is evening at MK. Especially when it means the park is open until about 2-3 a.m…we can get so much done between 12-close because all the families usually check out around midnight! We usually save Fantasyland for that night!!


MK both morning and night . . . my #1

AK am . . . (but never been to PM! :blush: )

HS only been to PM, not enough rides for my young DDs, but we enjoyed just hanging on the benches people watching eating ice cream.

Epcot . . . when we went in Feb ONLY the countries with attractions were open: America, Norway, Canada the rest were closed up (might have been the time of year-cuz there were NO FAST PASSES EITHER!!!) :glare:


Morning - MK
Evening - AK


I have to say I absolutely LOVE being in MK at night for EMHs. Even if it’s really busy just walking around the MK all lit up at night is magical! I :heart: it! Not to mention that going on BTMRR in the dark is my all time favorite Disney thing to do!


I’m going to go with EMH PM …MK for sure, with HS 2nd. MK is just so “magical” at night. We did do EMH PM for HS, and that was a lot of fun also. We made out way back to the backlot area, with the street scapes, etc. We had the place all to ourselves, and got some great pictures.


I’ve only done two EMH and that is Magic Kingdom and Epcot; both were at night.

  1. Magic Kingdom hands down is our favorite. Very magical park during EMH.

  2. Epcot, loved the more relaxed atmosphere during EMH

  1. MK - both morning and evening.
  2. AK - morning (have never tried evening - will do it this fall)
  3. HS - Morning (have not done evening)
  4. Epcot - morning and evening


These are my favorites in order! :]

This was VERY hard though :confused:

  1. [B]Magic Kingdom:[/B] Magic Kingdom, is my all time favorite park as a given just because theres no park that can compare, so I sort of don’t even consider it because I feel like thats understood the MK is EVERYONES favorite, so I often just say HS is my favorite but MK is my FAVORITEEEEEE at night. HS during the day is my favorite, but MK at night, there is noooo comparison. It’s simply what Disney is allll but. MAGIC! It’s so breath-taking to see the castle lit up and just the feeling you get on all the rides is spectular! And walking down Main Street late in the night is amazing!

2. Hollywood Studios: I say Hollywood Studios is my favorite EMH mainly because it’s just my favorite park to be in, and I love Tower of Terror, if I had my choice I could spend allll of my time in the Tower of Terror! :smiley: But although, I much prefer the rest of the Hollywood Studio park during the day! But the ambience of ToT at night is CRAZYYYY amazing![/B][/U]

  1. [B]EPCOT:[/B] I simply loveee EPCOT at night, because when I go to EPCOT at night I’m not going for the rides. I’m going for the countries and the food! And I loveee eating late at night, and after dinner casually strolling out of the park. It’s making me whell with tears right now thinking about how it makes me feel. I love the countries, I love the lights, I love feeling like I’m gliding across the countries in the moonlight. It’s so excellent, I don’t even have words for it!

4.[B] Animal Kingdom:[/B] I say Animal Kingdom is my least favorite, just because AK is my least favorite park in general. There just seems like there is nothing to do at night, it just feels like it is more of a DAY park, in my opinion. I would really like to ride Everest at night though! :smiley: