What entree at Kona


Ok, I have been looking at the menu and several things sound really good. So, does anyone have a suggestion? This is what I have narrowed my choices to: Filet Mignon, Pomegranate Barbecued Pork Chop, Slow Roasted Prime Rib, and Coconut Almond Chicken. Thanks!


We had dinner at Kona Saturday night, I had the filet and it was very good. The potatoes that came with it were yummy, I don’t know what was in them but they were good and the serving was huge. I also got the sticky wings but they weren’t as good as 'Ohana. I thought they had been cooked too long and were dry adn too crunchy.


I switched from the Hollywood and Vine to Kona on a table service. I am thinking filet mignon…


Rlander had the Filet Mignon, & I had the Pan Asian Noodles. They were SO GOOD!


We ate at Kona’s for the first time this trip…last week. I had the prime rib and it was delicious. It was a very large portion too!!! Like DT said, the taters are great too.

My son had the beef ribs and did not like them. The bbq sauce has a very odd flavor if you are used to ketchup based sauce. Personally, I like them.


I would love to hear everyone’s answers too. We are trying Kona for dinner for the first time during our trip. I am a little nervous. We LOVE it for breakfast and I am sad that we are not having breakfast here this time.
I have narrowed down my choices to 4 as well…the same pork chop; the prime rib; the shrimp and scallops or the macadamia nut & chive-crusted mahi-mahi.
Sorry to jump on your thread, but when you get back let me know how it was and what you decided on.


My DH had the mahi-mahi for the second time and liked it. Someone else in our group had the shrimp and scallops and like it. Two people had prime rib, it looked good but had some fat like usual. Everyone in our group liked their meal so much so that we all had to pass on dessert.


I really liked the Pan Asian Noodles and my husband had the Beef Teriyaki. Everything was actually really wonderful. The sauces were DELISH, the veggies and pineapple in my noodles tasted fresh & flavorful. We shared the sticky wings for an appetizer and I thought they were better than O’hana. We really enjoyed everything at Kona!


After reading this post, I am glad I switched! Sounds yummy!


you can’t go wrong w/ anything ordered from there :laugh:


I couldn’t agree more! :happy:

I personally had the Beef Teriyaki and it was out of this world…DH had the filet though, and it was spectacular as well! I really don’t think you can go wrong, especially if you are a meat lover!


Beef teriyaki is my favorite, but I agree, there really isn’t a bad choice on the menu. And, oh, boy, those desserts!! :slight_smile:


My fav is the Beef Teriyaki! when we first went there i ordered the prime rib and my DH ordered the beef teriyaki, (i didn’t think the pineapple would taste so great with the beef) but it was out of this world crazy good so I made my DH switch with me! Now every time we go that is what i get.


My wife loves the scallops and I really enjoy the prime rib and the beef teriyaki.


I was kind of the same way about the pineapple…I LIVE for pineapple, but I wasn’t sure how it would be with the beef. DH said it sounded right up my alley, so I ordered it…and it was absolutely incredible!

Oh gosh, now I’m hungry again…:blush:


The Beef Teriyaki was the winner on our group too. It was ordered twice by three in our group!:happy: