What exactly are the benefits of staying in club level?


I was looking into the rooms at AKV and saw that the highest that you can get is club level. what exactly does that entitle the guest to? what does it include? does it include food & drink? extremely good service? lol! anyone have any input on this, would be very much appreciated
Thank you ahead of time.


With Concierge, you get:

• Advanced Walt Disney World itinerary planning service
• Personalized front desk and Concierge service
• Daily housekeeping service and evening turndown with chocolates
• Secured key access to 6th floor and Club Level lounge
• Assistance with special events planning and shopping
• Club Level Lounge refreshments
• Ability to book Sunrise Safari at AK and Sunset Safari at AKL


sweet! thank you DVC Mike


We stayed AKL concierge last year and loved it. We had breakfast in the lounge everyday except onthe day we did sunrise safari. You bypass the long lines at check in and go to a cozy couch and have a beer or water or juice and a snack…I left my camera at Tapen Edo last year and concierge had it in my room when I returned. They made us last minute ADRs that I could not get on my own. I could go on and on but check out allears.net and read the reviews on AKL concierge.


We stayed club level as well, and we are staying again in April. The snacks are great, but really don’t constitute a meal for us! We need a full breakfast to get us started on our day.


We had the meal plan so bagels, cereal, fruit and juice were just perfect for us so we can use our QS credits for lunch and TS credits for dinner. Make sure to get a big bowl of goldfish and African chips around 3:00 They made a good snack late night. Also, if you don’t see beer out be sure to ask for it, we stacked up so DH came home to a cocktail on the balcony.


I’ve never stayed Concierge but this sounds great.


What beer? they have beer? is it free? how do you get it?

since we live so close to Disney(Miami) we always take food to eat. like we take things for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. but dang if they have breakfast, snacks during the day, and even beer!!! lol! it sounds amazing now.