What exactly is the Princess and Pirate Party


and is it worth it? Did someone post that it was extended through next year? If so, my daughter will be almost 6 and my son will be 7 !/2 when we go!! Is this a good age for this? Thank you!!!


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Absolutely worth every penny! This is the best party we have ever been to. Capt. Jack and Tinker Bell alone were worth it. The fireworks, amazing!

You will not be disappointed.


YEP! I second it!!

My DDs are 7 & 3 and they LOVED it . . . we stayed more to the right hand side of the park where the princesses were (the left were the Pirates :pirate: ). . . but the loot, dance parties, fireworks, PARADE and low capacity crowds (helps for easy on and off most rides) is SO WORTH it!!

You will not be disappointed!!! WE LOVED IT!! And can’t wait to go again! :heart: :wub:


Also, you can see some really rare characters here that only make appearances at parties like Abu, Flounder, Sebastian, Lady Tremain and the step-sisters, and of course Captain Jack Sparrow.

Tinker Bell in the parade is magical! She is soooo sassy.


When you arrive you receive a bag to put your loot in. There are places around the park where you collect your loot from CM’s. There is a special parade and fireworks. There are characters out and special things happening around the park. Very fun!


IMO, it’s worth it for the fireworks alone. They are undescribable and don’t even try watching the videos of them on Youtube, they cannot do them justice!!

That said ~ it’s totally fun (and I can’t imagine what it must be like when it’s not raining LOL)

The whole park is trasformed and very festive. We atteneded the first party ever in Jan. 07 and we got to meet some rare characters like John Smith, the Wicked Stepsisters and Flounder!!

The parade is great, too!!

I think your kiddos are a great age for the party, but I honestly think it will appeal to all ages!


Thanks everyone!! Now I am so excited- this is a must do for us!! That is as long as they have one in August 2008!!!:laugh: :laugh:


I agree with everyone else. I went twice in one week and it was well worth both times. As someone else said the fireworks alone were worth the ticket…meeting Capt Jack, well, priceless.

Definitely good. There were lots of kids of all ages there and there was something for everyone to do! You’ll enjoy!


What about the Royal Guard Show?! You guys can’t forget that show!! Amazing to be part of that alone! :laugh: Sorry had to plug my show.


Sorry, Matt, but since I’ve been to the PPP twice and it’s rained both times, this is something I haven’t seen!! What is it?


Very fun show in front of Jungle Cruise. Akeem, one of the head guards who protects Princess Jasmine, and his two corporals come looking for new recruits to help protect Jasmine from Jafar. But since the two corporals forget to bring swords to teach kids how to fight, Aladdin shows up with a magic jewel from Genie that gives everyone an “invisible” sword. The kids then learn fighting techniques with their swords until Jafar shows up…with a REAL sword, which leads to a big fight between Jafar and Akeem. What happens next? You’ve to see for yourself. And don’t cheat with YouTube! :laugh:


Oh, that sounds like total fun for my 9 year old!! Putting it on our must see list for Feb!! Thanks, Matt!


Somehow we missed that too,:crying: sorry Rowdy. I will look for it on our 2008 trip!


That sounds like so much fun. We missed unfortunately, maybe we’ll get to see it another time.


We are going in Feb 2008, can’t see that it has been scheduled yet for those dates! Any thoughts/ideas? Anyone know when the dates will be posted?


There hasn’t been any postings because next year the Party is scheduled to take place EVERY Saturday night all year long (except holidays of course). Not sure if it will happen the first Saturday in January, but it’s coming. We just shot a new commercial for it the other night (man that was a long 3 hours). Maybe that’ll have more info when it debuts.


I hope this is on in august 2008 Mommyof2 as we are going then and I would love to do this with our DD. Is it part of the DDP or do you have to pay for this seperatley?


This is such awesome news! I can’t wait for next year! :mickey:


I so have to go…anyone want to help me commandeer a ship and hatch a plan to kidnap Captain Jack Sparrow? THUD (she hits the deck)


I hope they do do it on every Sat. night coming in '08 . . . we had a lot of fun! AND, would love to do it again!! :wub:

Is it still going a “party” or will everyone get to go with their reg park admission? :confused: