What happened to the dino bones at AK?


Hi Guys!
When I went to Ak about 7-8 years ago they had a building with all the dinosaur skeletons, fossils and such.
When we visited AK Oct 2005 we couldn’t find it - I thought I knew where it was but that area was now rides. :eek:
Did I just miss it or did they retire it?:confused:
If it’s still there please lmk know where so I can see it this year!


As far as I remember, it was only meant to be a temporary display. The bones were on loan from a museum (or something to that extent) until a more permanent addition to the park land could be made. Too bad the addition was not really up to par with most Disney attractions or the whole Animal Kingdom park theme for that matter.

It is definitely not there now and has not been for quite a few years.


Oh, the 1998 Dinosaur Jubilee, kind of where Chester and Hesters is now. That closed back in late 1998, it has been gone quite a long time. They did open it back up for the Millenium, and it was called 2000 Dinosaur Millenium. There are some fossils and dinosaur stuff in the line to Dinosaur!, but that is about it.


I thought kids could dig for dinosaur bones in Dinoland USA. Is that not true anymore?

Oh, the dinosaur in Dinosaur isn’t just any dinosaur. If I recall correctly, it’s a cast of Lucy, which is kinda cool. I mean, when we were walking through there and the guide was telling us a little about it, we didn’t get a chance to look for very long. So, we–well, I should say I–was thrilled when Lucy came to Oklahoma City. She’s gone now, but she’s AMAZING!

If you get the chance to really look at her, I would suggest you do it. Hopefully, the line to Dinosaur! will be a little longer than when we were there so you get the chance to. I know that’s weird to say, but it is one of the really cold places, and I enjoyed cooling off while waiting in line.


We really enjoyed the display when it was there. My kids were young then and we were hoping they could see it again…and this time be old enough to remember it. Too bad it couldn’t be there for good.
Thanks for the info!


I remember seeing the display in '98 shortly after the park opened. I was also lucky enough to see the short-lived Jungle Book stage show that was there too, which was quickly replaced.

I remember the feeling of being at DAK in early June of 98, just days after the park opened, it really did feel like being in a partially operational theme park.


This has not changed. What was in question was an entirely seperate area of the park.


Wow, never got to see that.