What happened to wand at Epcot?


Here’s the answer.

WARNING!!! The video you are about to see may be disturbing to some. Especially if you loved the wand.

YouTube - Aftermath of the Wand


Wow, what a mess, who’s going to clean that up? Broken light bulbs and whatnot? :ohmy:


No kidding!!! All that steel will get recycled. There is about $20,000 worth of material sitting there, so I doubt it will sit for long. But what surprises me the most is that it was handled in such a haphazard way. The broken glass alone is a disaster.

Images like this are disturbing to me. It’s like getting a peek behind the kitchen door at your favourite restaurant.


My sentiments exactly. They will just push some dirt on that and some grass seed and call it a day. I am shocked.:pinch:


That makes me sad, too. That can’t be good for the environment at all. I was really surprised to see it thrown about so haphazardly. There is no way to get all of that glass and small shards of metal up-it isn’t like you could vacuum out there.


Surprising and disappointing to see. :sad:

I am sure we would be VERY surprised to see how things really are, behind the scenes of our favorite places.


for some reason, i can’t get the video to load…anyone else having a problem??

i’ll have to check back later :slight_smile:


Meh, I’m sure Disney will clean it up. They dont waste stuff that they can sell and they are very big on taking care of the environment. I’m not worried.


You can bet that some of that stuff will be on ebay soon enough!!

Or maybe they will recycle it?? Who know??



Well now, how would you recycle broken light bulbs, hmmmm?


At the broken light bulb recycling center!


You are so smart, Daisee. I didn’t think of that :laugh:


I agree. I’m sure machinery will be brought in to recover and recycle any and all that can be reused. WDW of all places, will no doubt be first in line for recycling. Each of the piles looks to me like different types of material that need further sorting, the clean metal, the metal/glass, etc.

I recently saw a building pulled down that looking a similar but larger mess. By the time they were done all the metal had been recovered from within the concrete, all the concrete ground to be reused as gravel. They will scoop and process the whole mess leaving nothing behind. but clean gravel and soil. They can’t afford the hit to their image to start housing long term dump sites.


I guess you folks haven’t been to WDW since they started to dismantle the wand. It’s down, but you still can’t walk through the east side of the entry at all. It’s behind temporary walls because they’re still cleaning up and still working there.
As for the glass, well if there’s that much, they’ll just sweep up all the clear glass into a large bin and take it to an industrial recycling center.


I agree… I am sure the site will be all cleaned up. It’s just sad that they didnt save it somehow… but I guess it was just to big.


I am surpised they did not package a bulb, or a sequin in a box and sell it - us Disney fanatics would buy anything!

I did not eve know it was coming down.


I personally was very happy to see the wand go away. I am always glad to see a true Disney park icon returned to its full and true splendor. The wand was nice for what it was created to do but it was up for much to long. Now I have a reason to go back to WDW to see Spaceship Earth back to its original self:tongue: But when that will happen…who knows, haha.


:sad: I’m just so sad to see it go :crying: The wand was it for me next to the Castle.


OK here is my thought… LOL…they were taking to the back to dismantle it properly and something tragic happened and it fell, thus the broken glass and the mess. They are now cleaning up the accidental accident, of the WAND!

How was that? :laugh: :laugh:

It is to bad to see that mess but I am sure they will clean it up in no time. Maybe that really is what is left AFTER they removed the bulbs that didnt break and will show up on ebay later :laugh:. I am sure there were a lot of bulbs on there.


I’m sure they will recycle the steel after all it’s worth too much to just leave there