What happened


:huh: Is it just me or what , what happened to summer vacation from school:ohmy: some of the schools in my area have already gone back:crying: did I miss something or is it a short summer vacation? when I was in school we didn’t go back until after labor day and when my kids were in school I’m pretty sure they didn’t either:blink: just wondering , I thought that is pretty short days off for some kids maybe there’s something I don’t know:glare:


kids are going back already? wow. I know many of the schools go back the third week of august, but now?? that is a short summer even if they do get out the last week of may. My DD starts back on September 6th.


I know, it’s depressing. Summer seems to be getting shorter and shorter every year. Not only summer but one school district near me took away Spring Break and only gave the kids off the Friday before Easter, that was it! But you aren’t imagining things, summer is getting shorter and shorter for school kids :sad:


Seems to be shorter for me, but not the kids, some want to go back.
We got our the 1st week in June, and the kids go back the last week in August. I remember getting out around the end of June and going back right after labor day.

The summer has flown by, but it seems that the years are passing quicker too. Just think Christmas is right around the corner…

I gotta start shopping


There are some areas that have year round school and a week of vacation spread out all over the year rather than during summer. A friend of ours came from that in CA and he really felt strange getting so much time off in the summer and less time in the middle of the school year. Im pretty sure that we are all still bound by the 180 day rule though.


If I were a kid, I’d write letters of protest! I’d organize demonstrations! I’d fight the good fight and stand up for what is good and right! The right to a longer summer as prescribed by our forefathers in the Constitution. It is right there for all to see, in Article whatever, Amendment something!


My boss was just up in Orlando with his family last week and he said that school started there last Monday and all the parks they went to (Sea World & Wet n Wild) were practically empty


My kids went back this morning. My DD was very excited and ready to go back while DS not so much. It sure does seem like summer was cut in half for us! Our WDW trip is Aug24-30 so atleast the kids have something to look forward too…

Oh and poor DD just came home and has three pages of homework on the first day off school, on top of that she has her first headache, poor thing and she is still in elementary school…


I think most schools still go about 180 days long but a lot of schools are trying to spread out the vacation time so it doesn’t all come at once. We still have the normal schedule but the more I think about it the more I would like a couple of weeks off several times during the year. We usually get out the last week in May and go back the last week of August.


I have no idea what happened to summer break. I remember when I was in Elementry school we would have from the first week of June until the Monday after labor day. By the time I graduated high school (Class of 2000) we went back to school in the first week of Augest and didn’t graduate until the second week of June. We had a week off for Spring Break and two off for Christmas. It just seems like the time off for schools are getting shorter and shorter and most colleges are even worse off than other schools. I think I had a week and a half-two weeks between semesters when I was in college.


Yeah, I was gonna say what Teach said…the school year is 180 days in most cases, so the vacation time just might be split a little differently. I noticed that most school systems give a little more time around the Easter/Spring Break now. We also have one half day a month, now.

Anyway…the summer has definitely shifted…I know it used to be after Labor Day for me, too…

It’s August 15th, for us. I follow the public school calendar for my children, but we have Fridays off.


All the better for those of us who want to get to WDW once the rugrats have returned to school! :biggrin:


LOL!! You’ll never escape mine!! My rugrats will ALWAYS be there!! :ninja:


My kids go back August 21st I believe. Yes it does seem like its getting shorter and shorter. This may sound mean but… better them than me. :laugh:


I go back to school September 6th… :eek:

I go to a Traditional school, so maybe their school is Year-round…?


I thought the school year has been extended too. When I was in grammar school, we always went back the Wednesday after Labor Day. It was a half day week where you met your teachers, got your books and got used to changing classes. The Monday after Labor Day was the official start. We got out for summer the 2nd week of June. High school started the day after Labor Day with a regular school schedule but we got out the first week of June.

Literally, this year, the kids got out the last week of June and back to school commercials began the following week. Their little backpacks weren’t emptied yet from the last school year. I thought it was supposed to be 180 days but I’m hearing that some school districts in NJ have extended it.


Texas schools in the Houston Area seem to be starting next week (Aug. 14th). My boys do not go back until the 16th, and Sam Houston State University goes back on the 21st.

Texas legislators are delaying it until later in August next year.


For us, We started last friday, Aug. 4th. Students will start tomorrow (aug 9th). We got out May 19th last year. This year we will get a fall break and a spring break, but we have to go through the end of May.

It did seem short! It is too hot to be in school!


in jersey - the kids go back sept 6th. where do you all live that they make the kids go back so early?


I live in Illinois and we go back in about 2 weeks, I would hate to wait until September 6th to go back to school. I like starting early so we can be out in May, going through June would just feel so wrong to me.