What has become of El Pirata y El Perico?


I know they turned it into some sort of buffet in October, but according to allearsnet.com and some others they stopped doing this sometime in October. Has anyone who has been recently seen it up and running, or know what has become of it?
I have been dying to eat there forever, but it’s always closed!


Ginger would be the one to ask about this, but as far as I know, they did open it up for a special event in October but it’s closed now. I guess officially it’s open “seasonally” so I doubt it’ll be open when you go next month unfortunately.


I didn’t even think of asking Ginger…she does work right next to it…ohhhhhh ginger!


When we were there in Dec 2005 the park guide said it was open on Saturday (I don’t remember the date) and we were there on that Saturday. Unfortunately, we didn’t see that in the guide book until about 3 days later. :crying: I MISS those taco salads…they are SOOOOOO good…


We were there 2 weeks ago and it was closed.


I am here! :laugh:

Basically El Pirata y El Perico is only open during the busy seasons. It was open during Christmas time for about 5-6 hours per day. But it is currently closed, which is such a shame because the food is great. It is slated to only operate seasonally…meaning superbly busy and the hours are extremely limited (it was 11-4pm during Christmas). I wish that would change because so many people love the place and I hate telling them it’s not open.


I love that place! Anyone ever had the watermelon juice???


I wanted to go there so bad, but it was closed the whole time we were there. :pinch: