What has been your Best Extra Magic Hours Experience?


Coming to this site has me strolling down memory lane. I was just wondering if anyone has had some of the experiences we had during our 07’ July 4th trip.
It was a couple of days before the 4th and the Extra Magic Hours that evening were for the MK. We got there and ate and watched the fireworks and then the crowds began to die down. We got our wrist-bands and were told that Extra Magic Hours would go till 1am or 2am (I can’t remember wich one but I believe it was 2am). By Midnight the park was practically empty. My wife and I agreed to not push the kids (6 and 4), but just go till they couldn’t go anymore or started getting grumpy, but when they showed the signs of it being to much we would leave. Those last few hours were incredible. The kids stayed awake and in INCREDIBLE moods. The six year old and I rode Splash Mountain about 5 times and we literally did EVERYTHING at MK in those few hours…which basically cleared a whole day or two agenda I had made and made the rest of the trip easy b/c we knew we were going to get to do everything we planned.

We closed the park. Got on the bus. The kids fell asleep. Got them to the room where they still were out and we all slept to 11am the next morning…rested and ready to go. And feeling like we got a 1 up on everyone else there.


We had the same experience at MK. It was open til 3 a.m. That day we slept late and did a park mid afternoon and then headed back to the room and ate dinner and relaxed and headed to MK about 9ish. We had an EXCELLENT time in MK. We rode ride after ride after ride with no lines.
I think evening EMH’s at other parks are a waste of time. Simply because they are never open as late and there are not that many rides open to disperse the people. We like to hit AM EMH’s for the three other parks.


We also stayed in MK until 3am and had a great time. It is great to walk on everything! We also had a great time at AK. I rode EE 6 times in a row with my nephew. I do agree that not much is open at parks other than MK.


Being at the MK at 1:00 A.M. waiting for the Spectromagic parade to start because it was raining so hard at 10:00 P.M. they postponed it until it stopped raining.
Then when it was over looking at one another and laughing (because we were so tired) at the fact that we waited 3 hours to watch a parade!


Oooh… my younger sister and I had the best time with early EMH at MK on our June/July 2008 trip. Our parents let us ride the monorail over to MK in the morning (idk if they’d have let us take the buses by ourselves… I’m 17 [16 then] but look like 13…:closedeye). We got there in time for the opening ceremony. We decided to follow the Tomorrowland rope and raced to get FPs. The line was a little backed up since no one had made it to the front yet, so we decided to head over to Fantasyland - a land we rarely spend time in. We had such a great time riding Dumbo and Peter Pan’s Flight. Rides we would’ve had to wait hours in line for we walked right on. Then once the rest of the park opened, we zipped over to Frontierland and Adventureland and once again, had very little wait. We got almost every attraction in the park (minus Tomorrowland and ToonTown, which we covered the next EMH MK morning) by 11! Good times, good times!


We also had a great experience closing MK after evening EMH. We were the last people in the park at about 2:30 in the morning and strolled back to the bus enjoying having Main Street to ourselves!!! It was 3 by the time we got on a bus.


We were at MGM the first year they started the eve. Extra Magic Hours, and it was Jan., and apparently noone knew about it yet, because we pretty much owned the park. We went to eat and there was not a soul in line and my DS kept saying, “mom, they must be closed—we should go.”

It was like a ghost town, and we loved every minute of it!! It really bummed us out as the years went on and more and more people took advantage of it that we never had it that empty again.


On our last trip in Feb. of '07 my future DH and I took advantage of the pm EMH at the MK the irst night of our trip. Without those EVM’s it would not have even been worth it use a whole days ticket for the first night.

We practically closed down the park. We were in Frontierland when we decided to call it quits for the night. Since we had covered every area but Adventureland, we walked through it in order to get back to the entrance of the park, just to be able to take in all of MK.

At the last minute as we were passing PotC we changed gears and decided to ride it rather then skip it. I am so glad that we did. As we walked through the queue, I kept expecting to run into the line of people, but we never did. We made it all the way to the dock and we were the only people in the building except for the ride operators. We boarded our boat and when after a few minutes no one else showed up, we set sail on our own. Best part about it, not only was there no one in our boat, but there was no one in the boat in front of us or the boat behind us.

It is an experience neither Jason nor I will ever forget.


We had an incredible time in MK during our trip in May 2008. My DW was really tired after a long day in Epcot so she hopped the monorail back to the Poly and my two DD and I were off for MK EMH. We rode just about everything in the park and had a great time spending father daughter time together. As EMH started to wind down we literally started running from ride to ride trying to squeeze in more. My feet were killing me but the magic of being in MK till 2am with my daughters kept me going.