What have your children learned at Disney?


I know that everyone as been upset about the rise in cost for visiting Disney. I admit I’m not thrilled either. However, I know the trip we just took went beyond just the rides.

DD age 13 was discussing who she thought were some of the most intelligent people in the world…Walt Disney is one of her favorites. After watching his movie at MGM she was so impressed with how he envisioned such a wonderful place. She is really good at math, so perhaps she will one day figure out how to keep the prices more reasonable so Walt can stop turning over in his grave.

DS age 9 was talking with my husband about work. My husband makes materials for the interiors of cars and they have been having problems with the materials :blush: because of the humidity. DS told him that he needed to change the chemical make-up. Surprised, my husband asked him where he learned that. He explained that he learned it on the test track at Epcot. The beginning of the ride may not be overly exciting, but obviously someone is learning something.

DS age 12 is always discussing ways to improve rides. He may just be an imagineer someday. We currently have a giant miniture skate park in our basement. (This weeks invention)

What types of “Disney” inspired ideas have your children come up with since visiting?


Well, my DS is only 5, but already he said he wants to be an engineer or an architect! He has the monorail set and already makes different sets every day and pretends other toys are TTC, hotels, etc. He said he wants to build a monorail ALL OVER WDW!!! :laugh: Wouldn’t that be nice…:cool:


I don’t have kids yet (which is amazing right now, sorry :laugh: ) but I know as a kid I learned some things.

  • I learned to be frugal. (Due to the price of WDW food and my mother.)

  • I watched “The Making of Me”. Enough said. :laugh:

  • Lastly, Disney inspired me to jump headfirst into a career in the arts!


Yes my DD 14 and DD 11 were able to answer questions in school from things they have learned in the EPCOT world show case.:mickey: :mickey: I knew it was money well spent.


That is a VERY good reason to book another trip! :laugh:


It didnt take much to convince me. I am all for my kids education.:wink:


My DD has learned two majorly important skills from our WDW trips. How to budget and how to plan. I don’t care what else you learn in life these two lessons are most important. My DD knows how to take a lump sum of money and budget it for a week’s time. She knows to research what things cost so she can figure what she can afford. I was so proud to see her save her money for the shore this year and watch her seperate her pile of money into 12 enveoples so she had a certain amount of money each day. She had a plan, a packing list and was completely informed. These are the lessons in life that help you obtain goals and make major purchases.


Awesome, I wish my guys would figured one the budgetting part. But it makes me smile to see thier approach to family, respect for the hard work and appreciation for what CM’s have to deal with everyday, so many people and some not so pleasant. They have learned to express thier appreciation to staff, knowing they don’t hear it enough.

They have a real appreciation for the time we’re together and, even at 17, want us to “be together” when at WDW, not going off in seperate directions. We’re all so busy the rest of the year.


Carousel of Progress… is a good one. DD & DS can see how far our technology has really come.

I know they have probably learned so much from Disney… from budgeting to get there. To understanding what inflated costs are. Learning patience in lines. Experiencing and trying new things… such as foods from other countries. Understanding how important family time is. Creating memories that will last their lifetime.


Let’s see I think all four of our kids have learned that I am a big kid at heart and that there is nothing wrong with that, at least at the proper place and time.

The oldest DS and I have discussed animatronics to no end. I think it may be what got him into computers.

And youngest DD has learned the importance of just relaxing and enjoying life. I think she may have learned a thing or two about compromise as well, lol.


I could have posted the same exact thing! :heart:


How old is your DD? Thats amazing, Dana.

Someone can be frugal and not be a good budgeter. I think that would be me. :blush:


My DD has also learned these skills. We let her know when we book a trip and she starts saving her money. We allow her $10 a day for spending and she can break that up however she wants. She’s planning on buying Pal Mickey, so that’s going to take a big chunk of her money, but she’s planned for it.


My kids have learned a lot as well. In World Showcase and Innoventions alone they have filled entire days with educational stuff.

Since we homeschool, the last time we went I actually prepared a curriculum to go along with where we would be each day.

Where better to learn about animals than AK, or geography than WS, or technology at Innoventions.

They have amazing imaginations and have learned exactly where this can lead by following Walt’s example.


My gang has learned not to go into the master bedroom’s bathroom after me when I have been out of the room for more than 5 minutes.


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What? That info could save their lives one day.


Nice :frown: :blow: :nonono2:


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  • I watched “The Making of Me”. Enough said.

I saw that when I was younger. And it answered a few of my questions that I had.

I think it saved my parents talking to me about it for a while, I think they were happy about that :happy:

I also learned that getting older does not necessarily mean that you have to grow up :laugh: