What home resorts are currently for sale?


Right now, do you have a choice as to which home resort you buy into? Is their a price difference between AKL villas and SSR?? When would the sale of the Contemporary tower open?


Right now only AKV is for sale. There is no date of sale for BLT yet…I think current owners get to buy at BLT before public.

You can always buy resale and pick your home resort.


You can buy any resort through DVC or a resale outlet. If you buy an old resort through DVC itself, there are some additional perks.

You sometimes have to wait a little while for your dream membership to come up, if you buy at a resort that’s not the current offering.


I bought Beach Club Villas through Disney when only SSR and AKV were for sale. I told my guide that I only wanted BCV and she made it happen. I didn’t get any of the special deals going on at the time but I understood that going in.