What hotel should I stay at?


We’re going in mid-november for the 1st time w/ kids (ages 6/boy & 3/girl). We want the most convenient hotel-as we’re only going for 4 days. Any advice? :crying:


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If you’re not on a super-strict budget, I would definitely recommend looking into the Magic Kingdom resorts located on the monorail. That includes the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian and the Contemporary. They’re going to give you the most convenient access to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, versus other hotels that reach everything by bus.

My personal favorite of the three is the Polynesian, because I love the theme! It’s like taking a tropical vacation in the middle of your Disney vacation. :smile:


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This is a great question, but it’s not one that can be answered easily. Many questions need to be answered first. What is your budget? Is it important to you to be closer to Magic Kingdom or Epcot? Which resort’s themeing appeals to you the most? Does dining within the resort hold any importance to you.

I’d like to answer your question by suggesting you stay at the Grand Floridian, because I think anyone would be happy there. But it may not suit your needs for one reason or another.

Give us some info, and we Disney fanatics here at DC will help you out!:mickey:


If the budget allows - definately the Polynesian!! You don’t waste any time getting to and from the parks and the monorail is so fun. It’s also very kid-friendly. Also, your kids will love the Volcano pool!!!


Hello and welcome to DC!! Everyone here is so helpful and knowledgable!!! There are several different resort “levels” so I think suggestions for this question heavily depends on your budget.

If convenience is the biggest concern my suggestion would be either the Contemporary or Wilderness Lodge. Both are located on the Bay Lake area, near the MK. You will have fast and easy access to the monorail, boats to the MK from both resorts, and they are beautiful.

If you are looking for a “moderate” priced hotel I would suggest Port Orleans or Coronado Springs resort. Both are in good locations and are great resorts.


If you’re only going for 4 days with young kids and budget isn’t too big of a concern, the monorail hotels are definitely the way to go. The Contemporary is cheapest and you can walk to the Magic Kingdom as well as take the monorail, The Polynesian has a great theme and you can walk to the Transportation Center for monorail access to Epcot as well as having the monorail from the resort to the Magic Kingdom, and the Grand Floridian is the most expensive with the Magic Kingdom 1 monorail stop away. A little less expensive is the Wilderness Lodge which has boat access to the Magic Kingdom. Of course all Disney hotels have fairly good bus access to everything in the World, so no matter what you choose you can’t go wrong. Have fun choosing and welcome to DC!! (totally off topic, my middle daughter’s name is Elena!!) :wub:


It’s not an easy decision, especially when there are so many great resorts to chose from. Since you want convenience and have kids I would definitely definitely recommend either the Yacht Club or the Beach Club. You can walk or take a boat ride to Epcot and everything else is just a bus ride away. They’re both on the BoardWalk and right in the middle of WDW. They share a mini-waterpark with a ship slide and sand-bottom pools. You can also do a character meal (super fun for kids) at the Cape May Cafe. Good luck and have fun choosing!


I’ve been planning a trip (that we won’t be taking, but that hasn’t stopped me from planning it) with a 4 year old. I decided that an Epcot resort would be best, mostly because it offered so many good dining options close to the room. Get the little ones their dinner, and then off to bed. :mickey:


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I have to agree with the majority. Four days and little ones - if the budget allows, go for a monorail hotel - (not the Grand Floridian) - it’s too fancy for little kids. If the monorails are out of budget - my next choice would be Wilderness Lodge. (I’m presuming you’re going to be spending most of your time at the MK)!


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I also agree with the majority here.
If do have a budget, that can surley help to narrow down the choices.


Welcome to DC! There are so many wonderful resorts and you could get a different answer from everyone. I think that if you go mid-November that the buses shouldn’t be a problem at all no matter where you stay. I think the most convenient resort is the Contemporary because you can walk to the MK. You can take the monorail to the MK and to Epcot. There are buses for the AK & MGM. Also, Chef Mickey’s is right there and would be very convenient to go to for more than one meal. It is by far the most plain resort there is though.

Small children would probably love the appearance of the All Star Movies the best. It is a value resort and you take the buses to all four parks. I think they would also love the AK too.

I would personally prefer to stay at the Poly, if I could afford it. It is also a monorail resort, but looks much nicer than the Contemporary.


This question is so hard to answer. Which park are you planning to frequent?


Welcome to DC and look forward to hearing the details of what you have in mind. We’d love to help you in anyway we can.


nothing to advise on hotels…I’ve never been to WDW

but I have to say - Welcome to Disney Central!!! :mickey:


Thanks. Ok-to narrow it a bit: we are on a budget & plan to spend the most time at the magic kingdom & MGM studios. We can’t stay on the monorail b/c it’s too expensive. We’re looking at some of the moderate ones. Any strong opinions? Are any of the value resort decent? Lastly, we were looking at some deals at the resorts in the downtown disney area. Any thoughts? Thanks for all your help.


If you are going the value route I’d definately say “Pop Century” it’s the newest of the values, and IMO the nicest. I stayed there in '04 and had a good time, we sprung the $40 extra (or whatever the expense was) to stay in a “preferred” room, which I feel is DEFIANTELY worth it.

Moderate route, I am going to say Coronado Springs Resort. It’s located fairly close to MGM, is subdued but offers lots for children and I just loved it there. I stayed there twice and would choose it again if I was going for a “moderate.”


The only moderate we have stayed at is the POFQ. We loved it. It is a smaller resort and everything is fairly close together. You can take a boat to DTD, which makes it very convenient to go there after a day at the parks. The pool is fun for kids. It has a nice slide that both my DSs really enjoyed. There is a food court, but no sit down restaurant. That worked fine for us.

We have also stayed at the All Star Sports. DS loved the large sports icons. The hotel was fine. The food court worked well for us. The only thing DS did not like was that the pool did not have a slide.

So, if you do go with a Value, I think small kids might like the Movies or Pop the best. The large icons are fun for the kids. I think you can go online to the Disneyworld site and do a virtual tour of the resorts. Then you can get an idea of what they look like.


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For a value resort All Star Movies looks great, it’s so Disney-ish. All of the moderates are nice, we’ve stayed at CBR a few times and really liked it. This summer we have booked at POR, it looks so beautiful. No matter what resort you book it’s sure to be nice, it’s Disney.


Welcome to DC! We stayed at POR & POFQ this past Dec. and we were really impressed. They are both very centrally located and commuting time to all the parks was very good! They both have nice pools and their food courts have many decent choices. Happy planning!


My vote for a moderate is POFQ. It’s small, charming, and very easy to get around - and it’s ideal for small children. The Sea Serpent Pool is great. You can take the boat down to the Marketplace and because it’s so small, there’s only one bus stop. For a value, I’d go with AllStar Movies - little kids love the huge Disney Icons - and to answer your question - yes - the Values are “decent”, lol. Every resort at Disney is themed and “oozes” Disney. The difference between Moderates and Values is size: the value rooms are quite small - but for a small family not intending to spend a lot of time in the room, very adequate. Both the Values and Moderates have two double beds. The Value swimming pools don’t have water slides, the moderates do. The Values have only a food court, most moderates have both a food court and restaurant. Because of the cost, the Values are always busy, so you may have a longer and more crowded bus ride. And they are very large and spread out - so more walking involved. But if you’re on a budget, they’re still a great deal.