What if your B'Day only comes every 4 years


What if you’re a leap year baby and your actual birth day only comes once every four years - Is it wrong to pick a day during your vacation and celebrate it at WDW? :confused:


Nope, not wrong at all. Just pick a day close to the actual date and have fun.


nope I think it is perfectly acceptable to pick a day at the happiest place on earth to celebrate your happy day! Go ahead, enjoy!


Perfectionists would “argue” that your real birthday is the next day, hence, the 1st of March. :ohmy:

But Mousebuzzers believe that you should take advantage of such loopholes and celebrate birthdays at WDW! :wub:

And that is the best excuse to celebrate in WDW I’ve heard! :laugh:


My 10 year daughter is the leap year baby. Her B’Day is always so complicated - either you celebrate it the 28th of Feb to keep it in the same month but yet it is not her birthday OR you celebrate it March 1st which takes her birthday into March (a month she was not born in) and so technically it is still not her birthday!

She has always wanted to celebrate it in WDW but it is so hard for us to plan vacation for that time of year plus if you can’t do it that year you have to wait another 4 years.

So we are leaving in 5 days - YAAAY - and we have reservations for the RT for lunch. She’s never eaten there before and is her wish to do so. We were thinking it would be nice if we had a small b’day cake come out for her. She wouldn’t know about it and it would be such a nice surprise for her. Plus she doesn’t even know I got the PS for the RT - that’s a surprise too!

Thanks - You guys make me feel so much better about it!


Mycousin is also a leap year baby and celebrates on the 28th of February because “February’s a prettier month than March, because it has Valentine’s Day”. That’s her reasoning. Ir’s good enough for us. Of course, every four years she has a mega-celebration on her real birthday.

My oldest dd was born on April 6 and has had TERRIBLE luck on her birthday - just one thing after another - so she and I decided this year to move her bd to April 4th (that was the day she was suppose to have been born) and see what happens. I think everyone should be able to celebrate their birthday when they choose. And I’m sure WDW doesn’t mind, either.


Make it her 10 & a 1/2 birthday celebration!


I think it would be fine…


I think it’s totally fine, leap year babes deserve some extra leeway anyway. hehe.


Or maybe you could take the view of since your birthday IS only once every four years, you should be paying a child’s ticket for a loooong time.


Ooooh, I like that idea! :laugh:


Most people don’t celebrate on their actual birthday anyway. I never have. My birthday used to fall the week AFTER our spring break. Twice we went to WDW during our break and celebrated my birthday then - as well as a friends who’s birthday is the first week of April.

My cousin is also a Leap Year baby (now an adult) and he’s never had problems celebrating a few days off. In fact, I grew up thinking his birthday was on the 28th… :laugh:


Speak for yourself. DS was allowed to wear his b-day button for only one day of his second trip–his actual birthday. The next year our trip was a full two weeks after his b-day, and we celebrated it at home on his b-day.


I did speak for myself. And most of the people who have responded in previous birthday question threads. You don’t have to be included. K, thanks.


You’re welcome. :heart: (I re-read my post and noted it came across “snarky.” :pinch: Sorry, Victoria. :wub: )


Absolutely not. It’s definately ok. I let my DD pick one day during our trip, no matter what time of year we go, to celebrate her birthday. Part of her gift every year is our WDW trip, so it’s only fair to let her have a day to celebrate it while we are down there. Her GF who is going with us this year birthday is a week and a half before the trip. I am planning a birthday celebration for her while we are down there at Chef mickey’s.


I wonder why kind of reaction you would get if you wore at shirt on say Feb 28 that said “MY REAL BIRTHDAY IS FEB 29. I’M REALLY TALL FOR A 5 YEAR OLD.” See how many people have to think about it.


She tells everyone even though people think she is 10 she is technically 2 1/2since her B’Day has only come 2 times.
This is great - I think I will go ahead with the cake for her. She will love it!


My anniversary is Feb 29. I thought it would make it easy to remember! Before the kids, we went out both nights, 28th and 1st. Now, we go whenever we can get a babysitter.

It actually just ended up being the only good open weekend at the chapel.