What is a good amount of $ to take


Ok. This is my question-------I will be in WDW on Feb 10-18 and have already pd for my package. (room,tickets and dining plan) so how much in cash shall I take? Im thinking $2000.00
Do ya all think that will be enough?
Im going on what we took last time in April. BUt last time we didnt buy the dining plan but we ate at a buffett almost every night and had counter service every day and brought home $500.00 so Im wondering what is a good amount to take? Thanks


$2000? Can I come with you? :laugh:


Sure!!! Ill tell my husband to stay home!!! He is getting on my nerves!!!
So I guess thats a good amount to take?? I really stressing my self out over this but last time we brought home $$. I guess ya never know. I wanna make sure I can build a mr.potato head


We usually bring between $500 to $1000 depending on how much in extras you want to buy. We always do the dining plans (pays for itself in 3 to 4 days if you do it right). We like to splurge a little while we are there on all of the little things, not to mention souvenirs for the kids.


Everything is pd for but the souveniers. I have the dining plan and booked all my seatings. So $1000 works?? Im afraid we wont have enough and I dont mess with credit cards. Thanks for your info…


I am thinking that if the dining plan is already paid for, $2000.00 is an awful lot of money. Or am I not looking at this the right way. Wouldn’t that mean all that money is purely for shopping? If you need help spending it, I would like to volunteer. I am very good at spending money.


Well I guess it’s just in case $$… Last time I didnt have the dining plan and took $2000 and came home with $500 so Im sure we will come home with $$ now I am getting all these wow’s about it. Ya never know… what happens if my kids get sick?? what happens if the luggage gets lost? what happens if the dining plan doesnt work? what happens if I loose my tickets?? ya know?? I get worried… I guess I shouldnt stress about the 2 g’s them and maybe drop it to $1500.00


Bring what you want to spend…if you bring some home great…if you don’t bring enough you will be stressed…if you can really live it up good for you. :smile: :mickey:


See thats the prob… I really cant. I have to work mad overtime at work and make sure now till Feb I dont do anything extra. We are people who like to get up and go on the weekends. Now its staying at home and relaxing here or going to the park with the kids. So im happy to hear that everyone thinks that is alot now I will feel comfortable taking less. Trust me I LOVE WDW but not enough to spend $2000 in junk. Last time we were there my kids wanted to get their faces painted in Ak so we did and 15 minutes later the took it off. Now thats what I called wasted $$


I suggest budeting $100 per person per day. That is MORE than enough. It’s nice to have some fun money and to come home with change too. Best part is, if something comes up, you will have emergency money and not have to use plastic.


Dana- $100 per person per day?? thats 4 of us 8 nightsthats $3200.00 are u sure???
If so them im really stressed!!! Please tell me thats wrong!!!


She mistyped, I am sure. That would work if the meal plan wasn’t paid for yet. :wink:


Oh Thank God. I was about to go break into work punch in and start working…


If we have the dining plan we usually plan on $100-$150 extra per day. Remember though, that it is just my husband and I with no children. It really depends on spending habits, how many children are going, and what kind of extras you like to partake in.
If you have the Disney Visa remember to request your points to transfer like a month in advance.


We plan / budget $150 a day per person (2 of us). I spend very little, while Sharon finds lots of ways on spending it :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: We do not use the dining plan, and that factors into our money also.


Wow, 2 thousand bucks, can I come with you? In september I spent a little over 300 dollars, had the free dining plan though. But then again my sons are older and don’t need everything they see- thank god!!! Have fun with the load of money, go crazy baby!!!



Nooooo, go back to bed and enjoy Saturday!!!
What will you buy all day long if you budget sooo much money? You won’t have time to enjoy your already paid for food and to enjoy the rides.
Besides, those kids do not need every little thing they see.
I would give the kids, oh, I donno, a certain amount of money at the beginning of the trip and that’s all they can spend on Park-Junk. When that money is gone that’s it.
Let’s be realistic. In a few months most of that stuff ends up in the consigment shop.


Is there a store at Downtown Disney that sell souvenirs cheap? Someone told me there was but I couldn’t find it. But then again I was probably looking for a needle in a haystack, being my on my first disney trip, lol.

Good Morning Everyone,


YES! It is outside connected to the “Disney Tails” pet store. It’s like Disney’s version of a $1 store, but I think everything is $10 or less. We noticed it b/c we always go into Disney Tails, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have known about it.


Wow! I think $2000 sounds like a lot! We are paying our trip off, we included the dining plan so we won’t have to worry about paying for food. We will allow each child $100 or so for souveniers for the whole trip. Add a shirt or something for DH and I and I think $500 is plenty, and we’ll prob come home with extra $ left over.

I say make a budget of whatever you can afford. At this point all that is “extra” so enjoy trip and don’t stress out too much!!!