What is a "naturally raised" egg


Was looking thru the new menus and came across this type of egg. How do you get another type egg from a hen beside naturally?


I guess it means a delivery not by C section?

My youngest DD is just starting to eat some meats again including chicken, turkey, and fish. One of her “requirements” is that they be raised free range and with no steriods or antibiotics. This I believe is what they mean when they say Naturally Raised.



It doesn’t say free ranging chickens it said naturally raised egg. But I thought the same as you did about the chicken not being fed additives. It just sound strange the way they put it.


They’re similar to free range hens but the land they live on is not subject to any chemical pesticides, they are given only natural grain as feed, and are not given any anti biotics.


Thanks Dixie, My husband was going crazy on how you raised an egg. He joked that Disney had finally figured out that the egg came first by raising the egg to become a chicken wwith out the chicken laying the egg. Those disney folks are brillant.


My guess is the egg is raised by its biological parents and not a machine.


:laugh::laugh::laugh: Love that idea!:heart:


Well, it all starts with a mommy hen and a a daddy chicken…

and it ends with a marketing gimmic to raise the price. :laugh: