What is a referral


what is a referral on Disney central?


I’ve only been here a short while so correct me if I’m wrong…it’s when you tell someone about the site and then when they sign up they put down your screen name as a referral. Not sure what those get you though…bragging right maybe? :wink:


:laugh: Oh, okay, so a referral is good. I saw some people had them I thought it was some kind of warning or something. :laugh:


I have one referral! woohoo! My brother wanted to sign up and I guess he put my name in the referral part. I signed on a few days later and I saw I had a referral… but referrals were always bad things in school! I was like “Oh no! What did I do! Mickey is mad at me!” haha luckily I finally figured it out. :blush:


I don’t have any referrals:crying:


I have a referral!! I thought that I was naughty for a long time…but then Tink cleared it up for me…lucky dog…she has about 6 referrals!


I only have one and that’s my husband but he never posts so it shouldn’t count. I like to keep this place my secret, it’s my escape from the real world.


Me too, Disney teacher, it is a little escape from reality.