What is a Soft Opening?


What is a soft opening? How do they determine when to open softly and not to open softly?


It means that the ride is closed more than open. Still putting the final touches on the ride.


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A soft opening means that an attraction will open and close periodically while the “kinks” are still being worked out. For example, Spaceship Earth is scheduled to reopen in February, but on any given day, they open the ride to lucky guests passing by. People have reported in several forums that they got to ride. There is no schedule, and the attraction may not open at all on some days.


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The definition of a soft opening, say for an attraction or a parade, means it’s not publicly announced as being open, nor does it stay open for a very long time. Take the upcoming Block Party Bash parade. It has a soft opening March 9 (scheduled but not set in stone). That’s not the official opening day. The opening day will have the Press, PR, etc. to be there as it makes it’s official entrance. But yet all the guests will see it. Kind of like a HUGE surprise.