What is a "surprise" pin?


I see this all the time in eBay listings, but I am not sure what it means. Thanks so much!!!


MissDis, it usually just means they are throwing in an extra pin. They call it a “surprise pin” because the seller generally won’t show you what it looks like in the auction. It’s just like a bonus for buying their auction, ya know?


That’s what I thought, too! But there is something else… a bunch of pin are listed individually and shown in the pictures, but called Surprise pins! Here is a link… go check it out. I chose this link randomly, as there are tons of pins called Surprise pins! I am going nuts, Wishy! :blink:

DLR Tinker Bell Popcorn Box Surprise LE 750 Disney Pin - eBay (item 370013113110 end time Jan-16-08 16:05:45 PST)


OK, OK my lovely lady lump, this is what I found…

Taken from Wikipedia:
(Disney pin trading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

“Surprise” or “Mystery” Pins - These pins usually feature a low-Limited Edition size. Typically, the back stamp will included the words “Surprise Pin.” The release of this pin happens randomly at various merchandise locations within the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts. "


Yep, there limited edition pins that dont have a release date they are just quietly put on the shelf. I think its to help the not so scary collectors get hold of some


Oh… I like it… I may have to bid on it


I think DH and I have had a few surprise pins before…we used to go to the pin place in DTD almost every day when we worked at DL, and I know we would sometimes buy a pin that would end up having a really small LE number…and when we’d go back there would be no sign that pin was ever there. Nor could we find it at any of the other merchandise locations.

I kinda wish we had paid more attention at the time, because we probably just traded those pins away. :rolleyes: :pinch:


:laugh: Yay!!! I see!!! Thanks Wishy and everyone else!

Signed, M.I. Humps

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